BreakThrough.....the Forum

Aug 01, 2013

By Duncan Bailey

BreakThrough.....the Forum by Duncan Bailey

I've been told many times: 
"Try it before you say you don't like it!"

David Hawkings, author of Power vs Force, says: "The path to enlightenment is straight and narrow, waste no time."

Are you looking to free the hold that the mind has on you? 'Ever thought that it is your mind that is stopping you from doing it? Simply Being, how scary that is! 'Nothing to worry about, no-one to take care of. Gosh!!!! What is there left to do? Wait! To Do or to Be? As Amit Goswami said, "You need to have a little bit of both. DoBeDoBeDoBeDoBe. Balance."

Well, a long time ago, a year maybe, after surfing and writing on the different IBA forums, I stumbled across the BreakThrough Forum. No Man's Land. Enter at your own risk! He who enters this Forum will be challenged – BEWARE!

This Forum sounds and looks dangerous.

This Forum isn't like the others. You even have a structure to it.

Already as I read Esther's Notes at the top of the Forum I feel the challenge of being lead, directed and, maybe, even (the illusion of being) 'controlled'. Where is the freedom that I like about forums? I mean right here there is a way you need to write your post!!! I'm already confronted with a fear that I might 'GET IT WRONG'. Wow, my mind is a specialist in creating fear and worry! I'm imagining being judged by the instructor and those reading my post even before I have clicked on the button to write a new post.

Well, thankfully, no one can read my fears so I'm safe! As long as I don't click that 'write a post' button.
I know. ! Sight!

Somewhere in my heart, beyond the fear, or behind the fear, I know that this step onto the forum is for my own personal growth. I read and re-read all the time that achieving anything in life starts with You, WITHIN. You want the world to change then YOU need to change. It is all about me I am told in MOD 3: Principles of Consciousness.

So, if I want to be a better person for myself, family, friends, clients, and even for the evolution of mankind then I need to find a way to look WITHIN.

Yes, I have meditation, music, holidays, you name it but I also have BreakThrough. BreakThrough on the Forum is simple, accessible; I can do it while at home, work or on the move, and I don't have had to done any of the courses before posting on the Forum.

I have felt it before anyway, you know, freedom, peace, deep beautiful love that it just brings tears to my eyes. Well, BreakThrough on the Forum has brought me something new that has added to that feeling of freedom.

IT is TRUST. That was where the fear came from. I didn't trust myself and I didn't trust the instructors. BOY, WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!  (and you are as well if you think this way).

Finally, I can be that scared, innocent and confused child again without being judged.

Finally, I can be free to express the illogical thoughts and feelings that I've been suppressing all my life without being laughed at.

Finally, I start to stop; judging, blaming and criticising others and myself. I get the taste of freedom.

Today, this Forum is fun and exciting and every post is like an adventure I'm going on. And, best of all, I go on this adventure with an instructor who makes me feel supported and guided, who invests their heart and soul with me in the process and allows me to 'see' what I can't/don't want to 'see'. It is so humbling to have this support. I suddenly trust the process and open up to the possibilities.

The process has now become a game where the instructor and I go 'up against' my mind, together. This process is constantly unfolding and every post creates a new possibility.

I even understand that this BreakThrough session that I get on the forum is one that I am giving as well, to the instructors and to the people that are reading my post. Now I'm also supporting the instructor in his/her own personal growth.

Once Esther answered my post.... Let me tell you I was excited and also worried... I was telling myself "Duncan, The founder of Breakthrough has just answered your post. Look at the mess you just put yourself in. You'd better get it right!"  I have since discovered that there is no 'getting it right or wrong' and Esther is just joining the mind game with me. Esther is really like any other instructor. I look forward to anyone joining me.

I am grateful, sooooooooooooooo grateful to have these people offer me this experience. I feel supported (as if I can't take a wrong turn); I feel trust and even love from them. Judgement and criticism have no room to exist on this forum. Nobody brings them in.  Nobody attracts them. It is as if judgment and criticism can't manifest. 

One last thing before I go. You don't need to have done any BreakThrough courses to go and post on the forum. You just need to want be in touch with yourself.

Thank you, thank you BreakThrough instructors for your undivided investments in my process.

Mr. Duncan Bailey



The Anahata Health Clinic
119/120 Edward Street
Brighton , BN2 OJL

Phone: 07905452406


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