It's very simple! We love BodyTalk

Sep 13, 2013

By Lotte Søs Farran-Lee

It's very simple! We love BodyTalk!

- BodyTalk into companies by Lotte Søs Farran-Lee

"So what is it about this BodyTalk – do you think?"  The words came out of the speakers on my computer from Massimo Colombati, my dear friend and a collegue that I had met a couple of years ago on a seminar in Italy. 
I had only three words .. "I love it!"  Promptly, Massimo answered "Me too!"
Then one day in the summer of 2012, Massimo and I sat on a cafe in Rome, had a slice of pizza and were talking about life. It was one of those days where great life issues were up for debate, and life demanded a change. We talked on how to spread BodyTalk, how to get our businesses with BodyTalk to grow as we both thought it had been a bit up-the-hill with getting clients.  So what could we do?
We wanted to reach bigger groups in one go, and our thoughts came to businesses and how to get BodyTalk in. If we could get in, we could also start to sell BodyTalk Access and sessions. 
The first seed that was planted this day was to bring the cortices technique together with learning the knowledge of the brain and what stress does to it. Then we could teach them the cortices and reduce stress in the companies, so they could get more performance and less stressed employees. 
From that day, life changed and the skype line between Rome and Copenhagen became very busy – the ideas grew rapidly.
The first seed we had planted with cortices, the brain, and a 2-hour presentation was now a one-day stress management seminar for companies with two more techniques, one for the heart and one for the breath to transform stress in companies. 
Furthermore, we had put a presentation of BodyTalk Access as a natural step for the companies to take on for improving health.  The path was lined up; we named it feelgood*.
You don't need a lot of MindScape training to visualise two passionate people wanting to create a professional way to spread what they have at heart, to get the feeling of an intense, fun, creative, and wonderful discussion on how to create it the best possible way.

BodyTalk is the core of the stress management seminar, where the word stress is the bridge between BodyTalk and companies. Because is there one word that companies understand – it's stress.
Seven months later, the seminar was ready to take off in Italian, Danish and English. 
One thing that has been a very core for us is to listen to where the energy is going for feelgood* and following that one. Italy was the one to go first.
Suddenly, out of the blue, Massimo called saying Italian Telecom is interested in us doing a seminar. Full of excitement of doing our first seminar for a company of 50,000 employees, we started to prepare. 
As we have been very aware of working with the female and male energy of feelgood*, we started to prepare the seminar with this energy in mind, myself working in MindScape holding the seminar, the parcipants, and us working with the energy – where Massimo focused on the practical details of the seminar. 
The day was fantastic, sitting there observing office people getting into cortices, heart and breathing .. and already in the afternoon telling to each other when saying I'm stressed .. "Do your cortices". The feedback was great and the interest for BodyTalk Access was there and sessions were booked afterwards. We felt that the picture we had seen was manifesting. 
And now, I just got back home from Milan after doing two seminars for people representing different companies to hear about feelgood* and wanting to take it to their companies. This time we had guys in suits coming, and it was really great to see how they just received with great enthusiam and asking questions.  They wanted to learn, to know, and seeing them so relaxed at the end of the day all with a smile. It's priceless!
The seeds are spreading now in Italy.  Now we're going to Denmark.  It is as I said, "it's very simple! We love BodyTalk!" What is better than seeing what you love is spreading?

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Contact Information 
Bachelor. Soc. Educ., Bodymind Therapist, BAT, CBP, Parama BP

Hersegade 28, 1 sal
Roskilde, 4000, Denmark

Phone: +45 46320402

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