RE-Member the IBA-conference in Malta

Nov 08, 2013

By Tatjana Kramer

RE-Member the IBA-conference in Malta
Why didn't I write "remember" – but "RE-Member"? Because that is what the conference, PaRama Campus, my own journey, just life was, is and will be about: about RE-Membering. And here is the story:
Branching out is only possible if you have roots, you can expand if there is a centre. Malta is a symbol for the roots of the IBA where John taught the Life Sciences and later on BodyTalk for the first time. Since then the matrix has built up organically, it has expanded and gone through deep shifts. At this conference you could feel the remembering of its roots which really meant to RE-Member: to realize, honour and REMEMBER that WE ARE a MEMBER of that great family of the IBA. There are people who think they would give up their individuality when they join this family. But what root does the word "individuum" have? It derives from the Latin word "in-dividere" which actually means "not to be separated" – wow! This aspect is part of the Advaita-Vedanta philosophy (also a root of BodyTalk, the philosophy of the "NOT-TWO") which was an underlying factor of the whole conference from a scientific as well as from the philosophical point of view.
BodyTalk (including the Life Sciences) provides an extraordinary tool to RE-Member ("re" means "linking back to") who we REALLY are. Through the divine creative process our bodyminds can be considered as finite manifestations of the infinite universal consciousness. So it looks like to live as "in-dividuals" and at the same time (NOT-TWO) we have never stopped "being a member" of the "ONE-matrix" called universal consciousness.
Thank you all for giving me, other members and the whole matrix the possibility of undergoing deep shifts. "Shift happens" was printed on Nancy Werner's T-shirt at the last conference. And it happens then when you don't expect it at all (thank you, Donald Burry, for this comment...).
Enjoy RE-Membering with all tools the IBA provides us (including wisdom through conflict ?)
Sat Nam

P.S. My husband found that special heart-shaped daisy in our garden. For me it is a symbol of the Advaita-Vedanta: it seems to be ONE daisy, but it has TWO stalks. It is a "NOT-TWO" daisy which has its gate to RE-Member through the heart...

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