The New Edition of Fundamentals Textbook.

Nov 21, 2013

By IBA Team

The New Edition of Fundamentals Textbook.

Shipping from November 1st 2013.  

We are pleased to announce that the new edition of the Fundamentals textbook will be shipped for all orders placed from November 1st 2013.

Questions? If we don't answer them all below, please e-mail us at

"I am an Instructor, What happens to my current stock after November 1st if they have not been used?"

If you have current stock you would like to replace after November 1st we will replace them for US$15 per manual plus shipping. Here's what you need to do:

  • Cut out the barcodes of your current stock from the bottom of the back cover of the textbook. Alternately, you could go green - you can send in the entire textbook to the IBA which will be donated to the IBF. Shipping will be at your expense.
  • Post the barcodes or textbooks along with your contact details to: IBA "Replacement Textbooks" 2750 Stickney Pt. Rd Suite 203 Sarasota, FL 34231 USA.  Please include your full name, e-mail address and contact phone number. 
  • Once we have received your barcodes to verify the amount of replacement textbooks you are entitled to purchase, we will send you an e-mail.  The option to order replacement textbooks will be in the store once you have logged in. The number of barcodes/textbooks that you sent us will be available to you to order. Once you have placed your order we will process and ship your order. 

"What about my own personal textbook I use to teach with?"

We are more than happy to replace one textbook per instructor for the same price as replacing your stock - US$15 plus shipping.  Each instructor can place an order for one textbook the same way - "Replacement Fundamentals Textbooks" . The system will allow you to order 1 textbook with out sending in a barcode. 

"How would I order my replacement textbooks for stock as well as my own copy at the same time?"

An example: If you have 3 barcodes for 3 textbooks, you just order 4 textbooks on the website all together.  We will allow one extra textbook to be purchased for each instructor at the US$15 per copy price without a barcode. 

"What if I am a student who has an old copy of the Fundamentals textbook after the new one is released?" 

We will happily replace student textbooks who have taken Fundamentals from September 1st 2013 for US$50 plus shipping.  You would order through your members account on the website as per normal. The price will automatically adjust for them. Any students who graduated prior to September 1st can purchase replacement textbooks through the IBA store for the regular price of US$125.

"What do I do with any excess textbooks I have after November 1st?"

If you have not had a chance to organize replacements or used your current textbooks in class by November 1st, we ask you to not use them in future classes.  Please don't mix the new edition with the old edition in any class.  All students must have a copy of the same textbook. We believe this is only fair to new students.  

"Will the regular price be changing for the new version of the Fundamentals Textbook?"

No.  There will be no change in price. 

Thanks again for your ongoing support!
- The IBA Team.

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