Hello Everyone

Feb 26, 2014

By Lynn Teachworth

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to be with you all next week for the Structural Integration Concepts for BodyTalk live stream class. There are quite a few people joining us from all over the world so we are a very talented and diverse group.

This class will introduce you to the concepts of Structural Integration and structural bodywork/fascial release theory and application. These concepts can be very complex but I have simplified them so that you can have amazing results with the physical body and pain syndromes in your sessions once you complete this class.

As you learn to release the fascia in different areas of the body, we will be seamlessly integrating this new knowledge with your BodyTalk skills. This will ensure that you have one of the most powerful tools available to help your clients shift, heal and become pain free as well as perform better in every aspect of their lives. To help practice these fascial releases, I recommend that you partner with someone who is in the class to practice on (if there's anyone in your area) or have a friend/family member available for you during the hands-on sections. If you cannot have someone available during the class, that is fine, you can go back and review the class later once you have a body to practice on. In fact, I recommend that you watch the hands-on practice portions of the class several times so that you really understand how to apply this new wisdom in your practice.

For those of you who are monitoring, you will notice some new understandings and descriptions of the Structural Integration philosophy as well as the functional movement concepts. Thanks for joining me again.

Have a great week and I will see you next Saturday as we explore the concepts of Structural Integration and take your skills to a whole new level of proficiency.

Thank You,

Lynn Teachworth, CBI


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