BodyEcology Canada Testimonials

Apr 24, 2014

By IBA Team

The new BodyEcology course is absolutely fantastic. Cutting edge research meets immediate treatment strategies and revolutionary opportunities to heal our clients. The course and its manual are well organized, clearly presented, easy to digest, and, above all else, ENORMOUSLY VALUABLE. 

At the moment, travel is limited by taking care of my paraplegic dog. Sitting the course from home via LiveStream was a godsend. The technology is simple to use and I appreciate the added benefit of having access to the recordings for 90 days. 

Run, don't walk, to take this course. It's already helping me balance deeper causative factors with my most challenging cases. The information is going to help a lot of people, change a lot of lives, and make a higher level of service possible!

Sid Snider, AdvCBP, ParBP, BAT

Imagine how many lives we can touch with all of this incredible information and the BodyTalk system tools! - S.C 

"The course was amazing! The tag team instructors, pre-course online manual, the in class material, video power points, the LiveStream recording access! Thank-you from my heart." Lesia Dubik

"I really enjoyed this joint presentation by John and Laura, the information was clear and coordinated. The depth of information and its application will be very profound. An amazing course! The manual is very good, the charts are clear, easy to follow and a great resource." Linda Hurkot

***Don't miss the next class in the UK. It is available LiveStream! Register Now!

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