Addendum to Words Before Action

May 08, 2014

By Rosilyn Kinnersley

Addendum to Words Before Action

Rosilyn Kinnersley, CBI, BAT, PaRama CBP, Adv CBP, Australia

Following the article published in the IBA newsletter, 27/3/2014, 'Words Before Action' an avalanche of emails landed in my inbox. Clearly this topic had hit a raw nerve. Some emails were of gratitude for the information saying:

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for posting your article.  As a new practitioner I have struggled with muscle checking.  As I read your article I realized that I do that very thing! Ending up frustrated and lacking confidence in my ability as a practitioner or wondering if the session made sense. Reading your article brought it into my awareness and now I look forward to my next session to practice the technique you suggested. I just wanted to say thank you for contributing and giving me the opportunity to grow and become better."

"I just read your article in the IBA newsletter and found it very helpful. Thank you!" 

"I just wanted to thank you for the piece you wrote for the latest BodyTalk newsletter on yes/no muscle checking.  It was the exact advice I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it. I have been a certified BT practitioner since last year, started taking my first advanced module this year, and still had felt like muscle checking and feeling confident in my responses was a challenge, and I kind of felt like I must be the only one with issues at this point because no one else talks about it. Your suggestions gave me great confidence and my last several sessions, although going a little slower, have had deeper impact and I walk away feeling so much more confident in what was happening in the session. So again, thank you very much!"

"Brilliant post on muscle checking invaluable. Thanks for taking the time to share this. I've known a few who walked away for this very reason! Very sad." 

Others, however, just about brought me to tears as people shared their frustration and despair in their endeavours to get their muscle check secure. I have since worked with all of these people via Skype video to observe them in action and advise where necessary. Everyone I have worked with in this way has responded magnificently and I am so thrilled to report that a 100% result on surety and security with their muscle check has been the outcome - a complete turnaround.

One aspect did hit home to me though that I forgot to include in the original article. It is extremely important and the purpose of this addendum. As a graduate, or if you are a CBP who feels insecure with your muscle check, another helper is that of exaggeration. When calibrating the muscle check, ensure that your 'yes' action is very big and your 'no' action is rock solid with your other hand stopping any movement. Do this several times before asking 'show me a 'yes'/'no''. This big action gives you such a very clear distinction between the two that if you continue using it for a good while you will never have to doubt or second guess your checking ever again. Of course, eventually as you become more fluent and confident, your action will become smaller and smaller but by then you will be a real pro!

I just want to add that if there are any others out there in BodyTalk land who would like some help with their muscle checking I would be happy for you to email me at to set up a time. There is no charge. You will need to be connected with Skype and have a camera facility. You will also need to have someone willing to be on the table.

Thank you so much to all of you who felt moved to respond to the original article. Your emails were warmly welcomed and it has been my great pleasure to help/advise where I've been able.

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