Feedback from sessions during first visit

Aug 15, 2014

By Brit Jorgensen

Remember Britt's story back from May? - Tales From Rwanda 

In February 2014, I did BodyTalk sessions for staff and beneficiaries at Aspire Rwanda for two afternoons. Everyone had one session only and the sessions were all very short. Here is a short account of their complaints in February and feedback from a short follow up interview in June 2014.
In this document, the names have been replaced with numbers. 


Beneficiary 1 
Complaints in February: Worries, anxiety, severe pressures and stresses within her family, past genocide related traumas.
Feedback in June: She now feels she has more strength to face her family. Her worries and anxieties are less severe, and she feels stronger emotionally, but also physically. Previously it was not always possible for her to work as she couldn't always to carry the 50kg of goods that she sells. When she was working she always used to need to rest at 10am, but since the treatment she feels stronger and can work more. Her headache has gone.  She also feels helped hugely by her church. 

Beneficiary 2
Complaints in February: Headache in the mornings, weight, pain in diaphragm area.
Feedback in June: Diaphragm pain has stopped, and the headaches reduced, but still comes occasionally, not in the morning. Now only when she travels in the sun. No change with her weight. 

Beneficiary 3
Complaints in February: Headache and low energy
Feedback in June: After the treatment the headache stopped, but came again last week (3 months after). The low energy followed the same pattern. 

Beneficiary 4
Complaints in February: Headaches, weakness, palpitations. Her baby was with her and it had a sore throat, wasn't eating, and drooling severely with the tongue out. 
Feedback in June: The baby recovered quickly after the treatment. She feels lighter after the treatment, and the headache went altogether. She also felt stronger. However the headaches and weakness has started to come back occasionally (after 3 months), but nowhere near as frequent or severe. 


Staff 1 (Did the Access course in February)
Complaints in February: Pain in L groin and L foot. 
Feedback in June: Both pains went after treatment and haven't come back.

Staff 2 (Did the Access course in February)
Complaints in February: Stress, some tiredness, finding it hard to focus at the end of the day. 
Feedback in June: The treatment helped him feel more relaxed. He has used the cortices technique since, and it has helped him greatly with stress, tiredness, and he can now focus for longer.  

Staff 3 (Did the Access course in February)
Complaints in February: Daily occipital headaches for 3 years, high blood pressure.
The headaches are no longer daily, but comes back 1-2 a week when she is stressed especially when thinking of her son (son: as a result of rape during the genocide, the son is depressed and stays at home in bed all day).  
Feedback in June: Her son used to show aggressive behavior, which was very stressful for the whole family. Now that she has incorporated the cortices technique into her prayers for her son, he has stopped being aggressive although he is still depressed and doesn't speak. She has great faith that what is doing for him works and she feels happy to be able to help him.
She also used cortices with her younger children in relation to their schoolwork and mental focus. The children thank her for it, as they feel that it helps. 

Staff 4 (Did Access course in February): 
Complaints in February: Occipital headaches that came on after she had an epidural 10 years ago. Also lower abdominal pain. 
Feedback in June: The headache went after the treatment and has not come back. The same is the case for her stomach pain (she is joking that now she doesn't have pain, she is putting on weight as she can eat properly again). After the treatment, she has also noticed that she doesn't have a memory problem that she used to have. She has used the cortices technique on her son who had frequent nosebleeds, and the problem was resolved. 

Staff 5 (Did the Access course in February)
Complaints in February: Lower back pain for 5 years and occasional frontal headaches.
Feedback in June: The back pain went away completely. The headaches are still there occasionally, but have much reduced in frequency.  
She uses the cortices at home with her children. When the children come back from school after a long day and carrying a heavy bag on the long walk to and from school, they often are exhausted and have pain in their body. The cortices technique helps her children with the tiredness and pain. She is very pleased about having a tool to help them. She is keen to learn Access again, as she finds it hard to remember the other 5 techniques. 

Staff 6: 
Complaints in February: Pain L side of face/head, general weakness, R arm numbness, lower back pain.
Feedback in June: Numbness of the arm has completely resolved after the treatment and so has the pain in the L side of face. Problems of low energy has gone too. The back pain has not improved and is made worse by her job. 

Britt Jorgensen
MA, BAT, CBP, Parama BP

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