PaRama Campus News

Aug 29, 2014

By The PaRama Team

PaRama Campus News

The word PaRama has Sanskrit origins and means "Supreme" or "Highest". John & Esther Veltheim chose this name to represent the body of advanced BodyTalk, called PaRama BodyTalk. The name PaRama has such a special meaning for all who are behind the creation of the new online learning platform, that we simply felt it was the best name to embody the work delivered on PaRama Campus. 

PaRama Campus was not created only to deliver PaRama BodyTalk Units 1 & 2 online. (Although we are currently working on that). PaRama Campus was built to deliver wisdom and growth to students, in both their careers as well as personal lives. PaRama Campus will offer courses from the BodyTalk/Life Sciences framework and beyond.

PaRama Campus (aka 'PC') is our new online platform for learning. It blends a modern, creative, fun culture for learning and teaching that has been developed to engage and inspire every open mind. The concept was first introduced at the 2013 Members Conference in Malta; the PaRama development team was then in the early stages of development. Since then, it has been worked on on-stop by a dedicated and innovative team, and we are very happy with what we have thus far. This means the launch is just around the corner!

The PC team believes we have unified the diverse nature of modern education and captured the way students learn best - through storytelling and entertainment. We also believe learning should be fun. We will keep you smiling.

Students of PaRama Campus are driven to explore all aspects of life, health, wellness, science, philosophy, self-investigation, humanity and more. 

This is a very exciting time for us here on the PC Team, as we are just about to begin the beta testing stage. We put out a call to the Membership community for students to take part in this, and we were overwhelmed by the response.  The enthusiasm for PC's launch was very humbling for the team that has been working so hard. In the end from over 200 responses, we selected 25 testers to help us out. If you put your hand up to help, once again thank you! Even showing your interest has given us wonderful encouragement for what we are doing. 

PaRama Campus is not replacing our in-person courses. This is in addition to and working with them to enhance your learning experience. We understand not all types of courses will be adaptable to an online version. Some won't at all, others may have both in-person and online components incorporated, and there may be a choice with some that can be done online or in-person, as well as courses only being available online.

We thought an update was overdue to those of you who have been asking and wondering.  We are excited for you to see it soon. 

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" – Dr. Seuss

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