How do you feel about your bugs?

Nov 06, 2014

By IBA Team

Science is slowly shedding light on what is now being called the Micorbiome: the 100 trillion microbes that live on and within us. And contrary to popular opinion, it seems these microbes don't threaten us but instead, offer vital help with our basic physiological processes.

Recent research suggests that this small universe of microbes consists of what is called commensals (harmless freeloaders), mutualists (favor traders), and only in the tiniest amount, pathogens. It appears that this microbial community does far more good than harm and the 'services rendered' are proving to be somewhat remarkable and shocking. 

Take our mood for example, the 'source' of one's mood has long been a mystery to science. Why are some people more uptight than others? Why do we feel grumpy and low sometimes? Although it would be nice if we could blame our foul mood on our partner's shortcomings, recent discoveries suggest otherwise (1). Our gut bacteria play key roles in the manufacturing of some neurotransmitters such as serotonin (contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness), some enzymes, vitamins, and some signaling molecules that influence the immune and metabolic systems. Some of which play a role in regulating stress levels and, surprisingly enough, even temperament. When the microbes from easy-going, adventurous mice were transplanted into the guts of anxious, timid mice, they became more adventurous (1). Who knew the tiny critters that take up shelter in our gut are the answer to our mood.

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1.  Pollan, M. Some of my Best Friends are Germs. The New York Times. May 15th 2013. Accessed Aug 9th 2013.

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