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Nov 06, 2014

By Katharina Hirsch

Hi Everyone,

This is a letter of gratitude as well as an update to the Body Talk community at large, my students, the people that put their trust in me as a practitioner over the last 15 years, and last but not least, to John and Esther.

I am retiring from the position of Sr. Instructor of BT.

I have been with BT for 15 years and I enjoyed all of it. In the early days we used to joke about the impact B.B.T and A.B.T. Life before BT and life after BT. In my experience that was and still is, accurate.

Not many experiences in my life have impacted me and my surroundings in such a way as BT has.

So I imagine I owe it to myself to put some thoughts and feelings on paper or hard drive... as the case maybe.

I took my first seminar with John in August of "99. A time before procedure protocols and Handbooks, a time before Module 3 was even conceived. I participated in Mod. 1 on the first weekend. John handed out a few copied papers as materials for the class and when I came back to take Module 2 the next weekend he said:" Throw those papers away I got new, better ones for you today". That was my introduction to a mind on fire. The changes that happened in the first 2, 3, 4 years of BT came with breathtaking speed. One never knew what would come around the next corner. 

Thank you for that incredible ride, John. You are a true visionary.

I consider myself lucky that I had the chance to grow up with the system step by step. John, you always held space for me, sometimes seeing my potential before I caught up to it myself. I could grow from practitioner to Sr. Instructor as well as visiting the position of senior vice president of the IBA for a period of time. A thorough education.

Sometimes in my later days of teaching I was in AWE of what the new students are facing coming into the system now. 9 Modules, Parama, Breakthrough, animal BT ...and more. When we took Module 1 we spend 1 day on muscles testing alone; a slower pace, to be sure. I imagine it helped me a great deal to have the time to integrate the material deeply because I was Ms. Overwhelm in the beginning as it was.

I am not leaving BT teaching because I don't like BT. I am leaving because it is time for me to stop racing around, bringing the news to people in the world. I have travelled all my life.  20 years as a make-up artist in film and TV and 15 years as instructor for BT and Qi Gong. Now that I am speeding towards my 60' birthday I allow myself to settle in and stay put. 

I created a very sweet life for myself in the Flathead Valley in picturesque Montana. I build A "Place OF Gathering", a place to dream; 95 acres of serene landscape with permaculture gardens (created by the infamous permaculture GURU Sepp Holzer), huegelbeds, waterways, a seminar house and a 30 foot meditation Yurt overlooking Flathead Lake. I am hoping now, after all this time of me going into the world that people will come to me, as some have done so already. 

Maybe you need a time for rejuvenation or maybe you want to take advantage of this peaceful land with it's incredible light as a strong resource for coming home to self.

Check it out if you like at:

Anyway, this is not an advertisement. But I do want to let you know you that I am not leaving BodyTalk and/or energy/ consciousness work itself. I could not be separated from it more than I could be separated from any other deep experience that has incorporated into my being-ness. It is part of who I am and I am still here to be "BT Grandma" with her experiences if you need it. I am extending an invitation, especially for my students that put their trust in me over the last 15 years. I am always here to support you. Nothing has changed that. Just call or email. I am not dead.......yet ........hahahahah.

With that in mind, Please accept my gratitude to everyone that has shared and was there for me during that period of my life.

With Love and kindness

Wishing you great success

Katharina Hirsch                 
PS: forgive my spelling or punctuation....never was my strong point.

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