Letter from the President, December 2014

Dec 19, 2014

By Claudia Schembri-Heitmann

Dear IBA Members!

In the West, we consider Christmas as a very special time. But unfortunately most people have also deviated very far away from the real significance of the Christmas Spirit. Christmas has been turned into "Xmas" resulting mostly in probably the biggest commercial (hence profitable) festivities of the whole year. 

I would like to take this letter as an opportunity to delve deeper and explore backwards into the real meaning of Christmas. It is a fact that Christmas is a Christian celebration, however, the real significance behind it is a universal message. 

In fact, we know of many traditions which focus on the last weeks before Christmas and / or the beginning of Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) – hence the longest night of the year and the return of the light. 

The four weekends before are called "Advent" (meaning the arrival). Then there are the 12 "Rau(h)nächte" (= in the Christian tradition it's the 12 holy nights of Christmas), traditionally celebrated by many cultures in their own way, usually going inward, cleansing, clearing, letting go and starting the New Year with new fresh energy and focus. It is also a time to reflect backwards, but at the same time look forward. For most people this is a natural process. 

A lunar year consists of 12 months which, however, only conclude the solar year of 365 days when adding in these holy 12 nights. YIN (Luna / Moon) and YANG (Sol / Sun) – masculine and feminine – re-synchronizing in order to start fresh ... much like day and night or a cycle through the 12 houses or 12 meridians in TCM. In Mythology, these 12 nights are energetically categorized as "beyond time" with their own magic and mysticism in which the gateways to all dimensions are open.

Different sources talk about different beginning dates for these 12 nights (in some this would start on the 21st December and others on the 24th December); whatever these are, the meaning and rituals are similar throughout the cultures and religions in the world and it is also mirrored in the animal and plant kingdom. Interestingly, this is also the transition period from the house of Scorpio (8th house) to the house of Capricorn (9th house). 

Hence, this time of the year is by its very nature a time which stimulates the understanding and ultimately the expression of the dharma potential in each and every one of us. 

And with Christmas immediately extending into the New Year (until the 6th January), it is the appropriate time to reflect and bring forth our new understanding and commitment into the New Year. 

It is by our very nature that in everything we do, we seek happiness and ultimately joy and love and universal peace. Through the Christmas spirit we should celebrate our commitment to the birth (or rebirth) of the enlightened soul (the Christ Consciousness) within each and every one of us every year. It is this birth that should subsequently be the spark (light) which leads to a total unified consciousness (the Oneness) through which can we find our deeper truth and mission. It is in the giving and in the sharing that we ultimately receive and find universal joy and health. 

Ultimately, BodyTalk is a "consciousness-based healthcare system" and so, for us BodyTalkers, linking into this "Universal Consciousness" is the very foundation of the BodyTalk philosophy itself as part of the healing (wholeness) process. As a BodyTalker fanning the sparks of Christmas could be a very good opportunity to connect with and link into the deeper pure and unmasked consciousness which should act as a catalyst to increase our awareness and understanding of what being a BodyTalk practitioner really is and expanding our potential for reaching into our clients' needs. So, this special time of the year could be a great opportunity to connect to the stillness which is present and could still be found even in the chaotic and commercial moments of Xmas. 

I hope these lines bring you some sort of inspiration for you to rekindle your own inner spark and to letting the light of consciousness shine through. 

And it is this very spirit which is behind the symbol of lighting of a candle during this period. Remember that one candle can light an infinite number of other candles without losing any of its flame. So, let's all light a candle to symbolize our commitment to our dharma as BodyTalk practitioners and as an outer expression of this inner process. 

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year full of love, health, wealth, joy and divine peace!


Claudia Schembri-Heitmann

[inspired by my husband Felix Schembri and Jeanne Ruland "Das Geheimnis der Rauhnächte"]

PS – I also would like to thank Wilma Grobbelaar and John Veltheim for conducting the recent IBA Matrix Sessions. The next one will be conducted by Loesje Jacob. Check them out on the forum

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