BodyTalk for Animals (Module 8A) with Loesje Jacob in Flanning near Erding, Bayern

Jan 08, 2015

By Sabine Marschall

Canada, Japan, Indonesia ... South Africa, Australia, Sumatra ... Loesje Jacob takes you on a journey around the world.

For 4 days, 15 participants (including myself) enjoyed the privilege of accompanying Loesje on such a journey and getting immersed in her adventures with the elephants, the orangutans, the chimpanzees and the dolphins, and with people and their cultures in foreign countries on faraway continents.

Our journey with Loesje started on a beautiful autumn day in Flanning, on a farm in Oberbayern – namely on Josef Kaiser's farm.

Josef has become a CBP because he loves and cares a lot about animals. Maybe because they both share a deep love for all the creatures of this world, his path has led him to meet Loesje. Since then, he has been on many an adventure with Loesje, last time in February 2014 in Indonesia. It's thanks to Josef that we could take part in this fascinating course with Loesje here in Germany. He invited her to share her vast knowledge with us – BodyTalkers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and provided locations for the course, which meant putting his farm with all its animals at our disposal. Thank you, Josef.


We were all really pleased that he had also invited Heike Stelter to the course, who is our BodyTalk for Animals instructor and practitioner here in Germany. Her enjoyable stories and her true passion for the animals were a terrific enrichment for the course and touched our hearts deeply. Thank you, Heike.

During those 4 days we were accompanied by some of the most spectacular dogs and cats. We also had the opportunity to work with chicken, ducks, horses, bulls, sheep and bee colonies. In the sessions we witnessed how those animals aided in the process, how they shared their wisdom with us and offered us their help and we learned to listen to them and offer our thanks.

The course is made up of theory and a lot of practical work. On 2 days we had several "clients" come to the farm. Dogs, cats, horses, sheep and rabbits were brought by their owners and the practice periods once again gave us first hand experience of the strong connection between an animal and its owner and how their stories interweave.  We are not separate – at no time.

The bees got a lot of attention during those 4 days. They also wanted their share in  the matrix session, which Loesje conducted for the BodyTalk for Animals – Matrix and for which Heike was the surrogate. Later we worked with 8 beehives and got a very active and full-throated support from the brown-and-white-speckled cow on the pasture and seven young sheep.


When the course drew to an end, we were filled with the energy which we had been fortunate enough to bathe in for 4 days. We are part of nature, and nature is part of us. Everything is one.

Loesje Jacob is "cowgirl", aid worker, peace worker and messenger for the animals of the world. She forms a link between people, animals and people. She walks her talk and does this with incredible authenticity and heart-energy ... and a wonderful sense of humor.
Thank you, Loesje – See ya!

  A big "thank you" to Karin Fechter      for her great translation into German.


...and a "thank you" to Walli,  the farm dog.

Sabine Marschall, CBP, Erding

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