Magnetize your Matrix!

Jan 23, 2015

By Angela Johnson

I have been asked to share with you all a fun little idea that came to me in December, 2013, that seems to have contributed in a very positive way throughout the whole year of 2014 to many individuals in and around my local area of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as well as my practice and whole local matrix. The idea was quite fun, simple, and an inexpensive experiment; yet it positively impacted folks who'd never heard of BodyTalk before, many of whom now get regular BodyTalk sessions, have become BodyTalk Access Technicians, MindScapers, and even BodyTalk Practitioners-In-Training - really, our whole overall statewide matrix has benefited! So it is my delight to share this little idea, with an openness to the possibility that it may speak to some of you as well, with potential to bear some sweet fruit in your community, practice, and local matrix, too.  So it all started in December, 2013, with a Christmas-special advertisement from the online print-store called (which I believe ships internationally)... for inexpensive postcard-sized 2014 Calendar Magnets!  It was December. Almost everyone would appreciate a 2014 Calendar Magnet, right?  Mmmmmm, how about one with the lovely BodyTalk logo on it? :)   Well, it didn't stop there...

There were (and are) literally dozens and dozens of customizable templates of Calendar Magnets on Vistaprint's website, where you can add and rearrange pretty much anything - pictures, logos, even as many textboxes with the capital letter "O" in any font size that you want... and the ability to position these "O's" anywhere on the magnet that strikes your fancy. And so what I did as I customized my magnet was simultaneously play in my MindScape workshop... I ended up adding 24 textboxes with just one big "O" in them, and these "O's" were positioning themselves around the dates throughout 2014 that felt like awesome times to invite local Access graduates, twice a month, to gather at my office to enjoy tapping out the BodyTalk Access routine together and tell Fast Aid stories! The dates ended up being one Thursday per month and one Saturday per month. The calendar heading began to display "FREE Community BodyTalk Access Balancings", along with my office address, phone-number and email to RSVP, our state matrix website, as well as indicating that the Thursday gathering time was 6:45pm and  the Saturday gathering time was 10am.  But it still didn't stop there.

I felt that these special Access-dates would also be open to folks who had not yet taken the class but who were curious to "experience" having the Access routine tapped "on them" either myself, my daughters, or any other local Access grads who wanted a chance to tap on someone else. And each Access-gathering would conclude with a free drawing for an onsite demo-BodyTalk session (with verbalized protocol/procedure), so everyone could enjoy a glimpse of what BodyTalk can look like and hear the song of a Fundamentals-style session. :)  And everyone present would be assured that if they'd had the right/left brain coordination to drive themselves to the gathering that morning/evening, that then they, too, had what it takes to learn BodyTalk beyond the Access routine. :)  And everyone would go home feeling "better" inside, with a joyful, loving, Light feeling and a real experience of what is possible at our fingertips! And they'd also go home with a 2014 Calendar Magnet that had the dates of all of the other upcoming free BodyTalk gatherings circled... And if their fridge already had a magnet, then they'd be welcome to take an extra to put on the fridge of a family member, neighbor, or friend who might also be curious about coming to a gathering in the future...

So that was the vision! I was about to click "Submit" on my order, but stopped. The magnet was just... What, When, Where and 24 "O's" around some dates on a calendar. Lol, it needed a *picture* - and I knew just the one! It had been taken just one month prior, after the November, 2013, Access class held on the other side of the state... of my daughters and myself in our BodyTalk T-shirts with the fabulous BodyTalk Access Trainer, Lisa Sullivan.  With her permission (thank you, Lisa!), I added this bright, shiny picture that held all of my heart-felt intentions plus the amazing energy of the Access class she'd just taught.  I cropped the picture to fit perfectly, and now the 2014 Calendar Magnet was ready for order.

Fast-forward to December, 2014....WOW! I think I still did a re-order of  2014 Calendar Magnets in September, lol.  This past year, the Sioux Falls area folks have filled 3 BodyTalk Access classes, our first MindScape class, and our first Fundamentals class... and my practice (still in my second year) is busy enough that I am regularly referring clients to practitioners-in-training. I have lost count how many different combinations of local Access grads have formed hospital-oriented tapping groups to volunteer to help each other's family members during hospital stays or to go in to do post-surgical Fast Aid. (One surgeon even let a group of 4 of us into the immediate post-surgical recovery room.)  The bi-monthly tapping together really has been an amazing way to build heart-felt community and support confidence in folks who might just become incredible practitioners.  You better believe it - my first shipment of 2015 Calendar Magnets has already arrived and is already being distributed. :)

Anyone who feels inspired to "Magnetize Your Matrix" in 2015 with a fridge-magnet, I whole-heartedly encourage you! One tip that will likely help is to always pass around an email sign-in sheet for newbies who attend. That way you can thank them for joining and get feedback on their experience and it will be convenient for them to respond back to you with questions.  And another tip is to send out a friendly e-mail reminder "invitation" to your local Access graduates, clients, and previous Access-tap-ees a few days before each gathering - asking for RSVPs! (It really helps to know how much seating you'll need, in advance! And, it gives folks a chance to forward your 'live' invite to a friend.)  And if there are no local Access graduates for you to invite --- oh my goodness, reach out to a BodyTalk Access Trainer and coordinate an Access class asap!!!! :)

Happy Holidays to all!!

Angela, CBP

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