Hidden Message within your Goals

Mar 21, 2015

By Lasha Watson

This is the time of year where many of us make a New Years resolution to ourselves. The fact that we are making these goals is a sign that we are truly seeking something within, and it will not be found by completing this goal! How many times have you thought, I'll be happy when... and once you've achieved that goal,  still not found the happiness you were seeking! 

Often when we set a list of goals we are seeking to feel a certain way, and are feeding an identity from within that is telling us a story; we are not enough, If only I.... I should have.....  I think we can all relate and fill in the blanks!

When we set a goal from a place of ego, or the voice of an Identity, we will find this goal a challenge to achieve; we will often forget we even stated what we wanted, and a short time after we give up and fall into our old patterns. 

Have you ever taken the time to hear the hidden message within your goal?

Each goal we set gives us the opportunity for personal growth. A chance to bring awareness within, and support the changes we are seeking; to allow the goal to be achieved without the weight and burden that was projected from the start.

Identifying what we are truly wanting, will bring us awareness of the true essence we are seeking to feel from this goal. Providing us the opportunity to now take responsibility for ourselves. Doing this will empower us to make the changes within our life, without depending or expecting the goal to fulfill that for us. 

Here is a simple exercise you can use to explore your goals, and provide yourself an opportunity to take you life into your own hands. Letting go of the burdens and expectations of your goals, will only allow the manifesting process to speed up as you lighten the load!


  1. Identify your Goal Ex. Want to be a Millionaire
  2. What are you seeking from that goal? Ex. Financial Freedom, be able to do things I want, reduce stress, have fun 
  3. What action can you do NOW to support and move in the direction of what you are truly seeking from your goal? Ex. Pay off debt, define what is it I want, eliminate stressors in my life, have fun
  4. Repeat this for each goal you have set!
  5. Enjoy the process of unburdening your goals!!!

Lasha Watson
RMT,Reiki M, FreeFall Instructor, CBI, BAT, CBP, AdvCBP
Clinic: 345 Sation Road
           Shoal Lake , MB R0J 1Z0
Phone: 204-365-0963

Lasha's Teaching Schedule 


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