Mind-Body Dynamics: From Disconnect to Re-Connection

Mar 21, 2015

By Laura Stuvé Ph.D., Adv. CBI, Adv CBP, PaRama BP

"With the demise of the saber-tooth tiger, so too ends our concern with being eaten by one. Yet the hardwiring for reacting and coping with such an event is still there...To our sympathetic nervous system, our current-day lifestyle is a near-opposite to that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, who lived more like the tortoise, moving at a slow pace occasionally interrupted by brief moments of terror." Mark Sisson

Our physiology has some evolutionary hard-wiring that is critical to understand as a modern day healthcare practitioner. What do I mean by this? Well...the rhythms of our hormone pathways, our nervous system, the age-old dance between our immune systems and our microbiomes, all were designed for a different scenario than we find ourselves living in today.  Let's imagine life without a distracted hyper-busy schedule, cell phones, full email inboxes, chocolate, grocery stores, pharmaceuticals, electric lights, freeways, corporate and consumer mentality, more, more, more, better, better, better, faster, faster, faster, now, now, now. Let's explore how our 21st century lives are throwing our bodymind into disconnect and what we can do about it! 

In Mind-Body Dynamics, we are going to explore what keeps our body and mind in harmony from an evolutionary perspective, or our "factory settings" from our hunter-gather past. This is our "innate wiring", the system that our innate wisdom has to work with. We will explore what lifestyle and BodyTalk balances we can use to facilitate a return to harmony. I'm calling these the Primal Essential Basics, kind of like an extension of the EGB bubble, looking at life from the perspective of what keeps a primate happy. You can think of these basics as a set of natural human conditions that subtly shift our mood, our brain chemistry, so that we feel good, energized, motivated and happy. The understanding of this genetic blueprint for harmony can integrate into our BodyTalk sessions (or any other type of treatment) to facilitate a shift back into healthy balance and provide guidance for work with clients that just aren't shifting!

The Primal Essential Basics are part of a new toolkit that will help you understand and balance the stress response AND the relaxation response, the key pathways for the mind-body connection. Let's get more specific... we will look at how our nervous system, our endocrine system, our immune system and our microbiome are all connected via a few key neuro-hormones and how our belief systems, emotions and stress keep everything running smoothly or throw our bodies into turmoil.  Being a science geek, I'll throw in some mind-body connection examples from the latest research studies so you are empowered with practical knowledge of the science behind how Whole Healthcare really works.  We will explore the question: How does our psychology impact the health of our bodies? 

Join me – Vancouver 2015!
Laura Stuve

To register or for more information on the IBA Members Conference 2015, check out the Conference website:

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