Mar 21, 2015

By Heike Stelter

Sometimes I ponder on how strenuous it is to provide the grain for a loaf of bread or a bread roll. 18 years ago I didn't think about this so intensely – but back then I didn't know the BodyTalk System – the system where one asks for "priorities".

What is the reason that I am now pondering about grain? 18 years ago I met my husband, who put/puts his heart and soul into breeding horses and who was/is a part-time farmer. I love horses – like any woman having once gotten a taste of the stables' atmosphere. What I didn't understand then was what this all entailed: hard back-breaking work - but it is very fulfilling for me. That – coupled with BodyTalk - was and still is my fulfilment. 

In 2000 I got to know BodyTalk because a friend of mine sent me to a public lecture. Yes, she "sent" me there, I didn't really know why I bothered going –  I simply didn't have time to leave the farm, more so since the children were still small. That evening was a turning point in my life because after the public lecture I knew what I MYSELF wanted: BodyTalk – not only did I want to be a practitioner but I also wanted to teach it, teach BodyTalk for people and for animals.

When working with BodyTalk we undergo a process of development, we harmonize ourselves and our clients with Innate, so that consciousness can come alive. Like John Veltheim keeps saying: who is the observer, who or what is the observed, what is there to observe? What is consciousness – what is just a belief or a delusion?

Nothing in my life has ever attracted me so much like BodyTalk.

For a few years now I've had the opportunity integrate BodyTalk on some farms. I would like to tell you about one of the cases: 

Some years ago I had a married couple, both farmers, come to one of my Access classes. They took part in the course and as is so often the case, the woman carried on with BodyTalk and the man benefited from it. Both of them delved into BodyTalk quite deeply. Some time later they asked me if I would do a session on their farm and later again, if I would teach an Access class on their farm for friends and people who were interested ...

As I had already tapped out some other dairy farms I gladly agreed. The result of all this was that all the employees learned BodyTalk Access and BodyTalk Access for Animals. Every Monday now, at 8 in the morning, you would find the whole farm community tapping – they all meet and together they do the Access routine. The owner and his wife take part every time. They have been sticking to this habit for quite a while now and last summer I was asked to introduce the new employees to the tapping procedure. (On our farm it's just the same, everyone who is present taps, now also my family has joined in.)

At this said course we studied, worked and laughed. During the breaks and after they had finished the course there were a lot of excited discussions. That was not an easy situation for the boss but the final outcome was huge. There is now a conscious team spirit,  every employee gives thought to the interplay of work and nature. Even if at first it seemed that all the discussions would lead to nowhere, in the meantime, things have changed -  task assignments have been swapped, skills have surfaced and been recognized and more trust has been created. One could say that a WE-matrix has been established.

Those who work in the fields know how difficult it can sometimes be to cultivate the grain. Those who feed it to the animals know that it has to be of good quality so that the cows stay healthy and yield good-quality milk, because the milk is the final product which feeds the farm.

I want to say thank you to the BodyTalking Schmidt family, where now everybody is tapping, for their trust and the path we travelled together.

Many years ago, when I was just starting and all I wanted was to understand, John Veltheim talked about family – I have, together with my family, found my place in the big BodyTalk family, and my family has become bigger, which gives me great pleasure.

At this point I would like to thank John Veltheim, Claudia Schembri-Heitmann and all those who were my instructors that they always let me go along with them for some of the way and that my (BodyTalk) family has grown so much. I also thank the course participants and my clients, Team Nord and all my colleagues ...

Heike Stelter
Reiki-Meist. u. -Lehrerin, CBI, ATI, BAT,

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