Water and Energetics

Jan 19, 2016

By IBA Team

Water is revolutionizing the way we work as BodyTalk practitioners. We all learn in Fundamentals that our bodies have an innate impulse to heal; every session we do relies upon this knowledge. What we haven't been aware of is that water is the mysterious mechanism behind healing, and not just in a physical sense. Water not only repairs damaged structures, it carries consciousness. The consciousness of water in our bodies is controlled by the heart-brain, and in its most unadulterated form, it carries pure awareness. It is this awareness, which is held in a particular function of water called EZ water, that infiltrates every part of the body with the wisdom of how to maintain itself. When the body is not in balance, water is lacking in its awareness and our bodies lose their ability to heal. As you can see, BodyTalk is all about water! 

These concepts are at the heart of the Energetics course. Water is addressed as the building block that composes our structure, the glue that is continually binding and repairing the structure, and the consciousness that keeps our organism dynamic and active. In this new and important course, John teaches us how to access water's potential through our ability to focus and trust our subtle senses, yielding near-instantaneous results. He demonstrates hands-on methods for working with water and also important techniques for realigning the structure of the brain, the body as a whole, and specific body parts. This focus on realignment and structure goes hand in hand with the concept of structured water to create a course that magnifies our intention as BodyTalk practitioners. It won't be long before this material is integrated into all aspects of BodyTalk, as it is fundamentally inherent to the work we do.  

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