#BodyTalk, The Importance Social Media Plays in 2016

Jan 29, 2016

By Nicole Yensan

I recently came across a FaceBook post in the International BodyTalk Association group that got me thinking. It was a simple, yet powerful post about sharing the BodyTalk name and case studies to bring awareness to those who may need our services and an alternative to other healthcare avenues. By sharing case studies and using the hashtag #BodyTalk, we find yet another way to strengthen the IBA Matrix and educate the people who don't know BodyTalk as a household name. Someone in California may search #BodyTalk and read testimonials or case studies of someone with similar health challenges as someone in Brazil. This case study may prompt them to reach out to a Practitioner close to them for treatment. What a world we live in today where referrals can happen across the world.

As a Certified BodyTallk Practitioner and the lead on public relations, marketing and social media for the IBA, I urge you to share these case studies and testimonials, not only on your own social media pages, but on the IBA Facebook page and International BodyTalk Association group page as well.  Simply end the post with #BodyTalk. Also, be sure to click 'like' on posts that you see from the IBA and others. The more people we reach, the better and we want to know that you are seeing our posts!

Want to be sure you are seeing all of the IBA Facebook posts? Head on over to our page and click on following (on your phone) or Liked (on your computer), then click 'see first' which allows all of our posts to appear in your newsfeed!
We would also love to include them in future newsletters and if you have an article that you would like to share, make sure to send it in to us at news@bodytalksystem.com
Happy Posting!
Nicole Yensan
International BodyTalk Association

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