The BodyTalk Association of Switzerland

Apr 22, 2016

By Ines Klar, CBP

We founded the BodyTalk Association of Switzerland  (Verein BodyTalk Schweiz) in March of 2015. We decided, the year before, to start this association because we wanted to give BodyTalk in Switzerland a profound structure focused on building a local support system. We were eight bodytalkers who took over various responsibilities, in various fields: organization of courses, marketing, social media, finance and website.
We built a new structure and created our own website in order to meet the needs of our Swiss membership (Swiss people like their "own" way of doing things, their spirit is very independent and are used to doing it "their" way ;-)). We are also happy that this has made it possible to offer a yearly schedule for our Bodytalkers and for Bodytalkers everywhere. With this access, it is easier for students to plan their year with courses early on.
We started with 18 members a year ago and today we have more than 40 members practicing BodyTalk all over Switzerland and we continue to grow every year. Just this year, we have eight new CBPs, which we are very proud of (this past weekend we signed up five new CBPs with Peter Tillman's Fundamentals course). I think this is a good sign of our growing support and communication with new Bodytalkers our area. It seems to us that our students appreciate our nurturing and support. After taking Module 3, we had many students trying to decide whether or not to continue with BodyTalk and it looks like many of them have decided to continue on!
This year our highlights are Module 3 with Janet Galipo and Energetics and Founder's Session Intensive with John from October 6-9, 2016. Janet's Module 3 in Switzerland in June will have more than 20 new students and 20 monitors. For the first time in BodyTalk history in Switzerland, we have students flying in from all over.
Recently, we had our annual Association meeting. We meet in smaller study groups throughout the year, and this summer I will be hosting a party in my garden. We are very excited to hopefully continue on this successful course and hope that we can make a terrific contribution to the IBA.


Ines Klar, CBP

Clinic Nordstr. 8
Thalwil , 8800

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