Anything is Possible

Aug 05, 2016

By Chantelle Rodgers

After leaving my marriage last year, I was unable to feel grounded. I wasn't able to feel any peace or joy in my life. I didn't even like being with my kids. Looking back I see how I was jumping from one compulsive behavior to another, doing whatever I could to numb the guilt and fear that I felt. My brain was scattered, my heart felt broken and no matter what I did, I couldn't find any peace. I would lay in bed for days - feeling - meditating - praying and doing whatever I coach others to do but the most I would feel were glimpses of peace and joy but it would never last.

I knew I had a great life and knew that I had so much to be grateful for but I never actually felt it. I felt like a shell. I would go through the motions of life but never felt that I was actually living life. I was constantly over-analyzing the past and that created so much guilt or I was looking ahead to the future, trying to change my reality BUT I was never truly present. I was never LIVING or truly ENJOYING. Everything I did was for a purpose. Nothing was good enough. I had lost 50 pounds but I needed to lose the last pounds that were bothering me. I was working out at the gym but always needed to push harder and do more. I was getting results with clients but I always needed to do more for more people. I spent time with my kids but I always beat myself up for getting impatient with them. I felt like a failure. I always compared myself to what I thought I should be doing. I would drop my kids off with their dad and cry because I had been impatient with them or didn't spend enough quality time with them. I felt like my kids would be better off living with their dad because I felt like I couldn't give them enough attention and love. I felt like a failure as a practitioner, wondering how people could look to me for healing when I was such a mess myself. I was seeking and trying to get my life together. I knew I had come so far but still never felt whole. I had a belief that I needed to be in a relationship with a man to feel whole. I felt like I had to be loved and give love to someone in order to be a good mom to my children. I couldn't let go of the idea of the "family" I always held in my mind. I kept seeing what my kids lost because of the separation. I was on a mission to change my life - I read books, and studied and tried and tried even though I knew that the act of trying was the act of torture. I knew that letting go and accepting was the answer so I would "try" to let go. I was stuck in my brain and couldn't escape!!!!

Then I took John Veltheim's course in Miami. He explained the role of the 3 brains and the soul. I GOT IT!!! I understood what had been going on in my life. It made sense. Then we learned a technique to balance our 3 brains and get them communicating and I immediately felt shifts. I went from thinking and over-analyzing everything in my life to "being". I would sit by the ocean and be. I felt like I was unable to form thoughts and I felt so FREE!!!! I was experiencing the world around me. I saw the ocean. I felt the air. I tasted my food. I heard the ocean. I smelled the ocean. It was glorious. I walked and looked and felt - but I didn't think. This is what I always knew was possible but I was so stuck in my brain I wasn't ever able to truly access it!!

Returning home was very interesting. I felt like I had been erased. I had no idea who I was and what I wanted and what I liked. I just WAS!!! I LIVED in the moment. I was not able to look to the past or the future. I just allowed myself to be carried from moment to moment. I started to feel subconscious fear and anxiety surfacing and I ended up with a bad cold. I laid in bed for 3 days but I knew that it was my soul's way to force me to just lay and feel. My body was sick but my mind was at peace!!!

Since the course, I have spent the most amazing time with my kids and my family!!!I I am enjoying and experiencing and playing and LIVING!!! I have never felt so close to my kids before. I sit with them and hold them and feel so much love from them and for them.  It is truly so wonderful.  I have never felt so accepting and grateful before. I feel the amazing life I have. I need nothing more than what I already have!! I am unable to look to the future to make plans. I am going to let my soul carry me where it wants me. I have no idea where that is but wherever I am meant to go and whatever I am meant to do will be what my soul needs to fully express this life that I have been given. Right now, I am listening and LIVING!!!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, John Veltheim and Esther for this amazing work that you have been dying to share with the world. I am so excited to see the results in myself, my family and my clients - I am so excited to be a part of it. I urge everyone to take this new course - it truly is the missing piece we have all been craving and waiting for.

I have been using this new work in all my BodyTalk sessions and continue to get Ahas and deep awareness of the work we have been doing all along with BodyTalk.  I feel so much confidence and understanding and love for what I do!  My business has literally exploded since taking this class. 


With much love and gratitude,
Chantelle Rodgers

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