Aug 05, 2016

By John and Esther Veltheim

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is
not to dream less
but to dream more, to dream all the time.
Marcel Proust
The evolution of BodyTalk began some forty years ago with a dream. The first part of my dream was of a therapy that would transcend the diagnostic model; allowing the body primary directive over its own healing process. In this therapy I envisioned the body having total say in the deciding of its own priorities for treatment. The practitioner's role would no longer be to orchestrate the treatment process according to diagnostic opinion. Instead, the practitioner's role would be to honor and be guided by the body's own priorities for healing.
The second part of my dream was that of countless human beings before me; a therapy that would offer lasting results that would be exponentially beneficial. In my dream the human system would regain its dynamism in such a way that wellbeing would continue to improve long after the treatment was done. In other words, the body's own wisdom would take over.
The first part of my dream realized itself through what we nowadays call the BodyTalk System. Practitioners' work is guided and supported by a simple, yet complex, protocol of questions. The body is consulted in the most respectful way and, as a consequence, the entire bodymind complex very clearly reveals its priorities and its needs. Realizing this dream has been the groundwork, the foundation, for the second part of my dream.
For the second part of my dream, the mystery I needed to get to the root of was this: Innate, the body's inherent wisdom, is always oriented towards healing. When we do a BodyTalk treatment innate informs the practitioner as to what the system needs. Admittedly, with BodyTalk treatments, usually less treatments are required than with other modalities, but still a nagging question plagued me. In the wake of a treatment, what mechanism inhibits innate's natural impulse towards healing the body exponentially?
The answer to my question had to lie in better understanding the dynamic of innate itself. After all, the innate wisdom of the body has been the guiding principle in the evolution of BodyTalk. Immediately, my focus returned to the ancient bodies of wisdom that speak of the soul and its relationship to the 3 brains. These brains are found in the head, heart and gut. What had long captivated my focus was the gut or enteric brain. Now, driven by a clearer intent, the more I explored the gut brain's dynamic within my own body and psychological processes, the more I realized I was onto something. Understanding these three brain matrixes and their relationship to the unfolding of the soul's journey seemed key to realizing the second part of my dream.
In recent years, the fields of neurology and certain schools of philosophy and HeartMath have paralleled my own explorations of the enteric and other two brains. In some more philosophically oriented cases the concept of soul or individual consciousness and its relationship to the 3 brains has also long been a subject of exploration. To me, what seemed, in all cases, to thwart deeper investigation of these concepts has been the absence of a therapy that:
 1)  acknowledges the existence and importance of these 4 key principles (enteric, heart and head brain and soul)
2)  identifies the cause of their dissociation and under-functioning
3)  catalyzes and helps perpetuate their dynamic (re-)animation, interaction and interdependence.
4) addresses the metaphysical challenges that impede innate's impulse to heal
5) supports the soul's journey
6) transforms the human experience
As soon as I began experimenting and incorporating the soul and 3 brains principles into my personal BodyTalk practice, my second dream began realizing itself. Within my own body and psychological processes, I realized that innate's strongest and clearest communications relied on the healthy functioning of my 3 brains complex. When I struggled to draw on the body's wisdom to guide my work, I realized it was because these systems were disassociating. My head brain would start dominating and doubts and tunnel vision would disrupt and distort the flow of my thinking. My emotional state drained me of motivation and weighed on me heavily. On the other hand, the moment I gave up trying to do the work and distracted myself with something mindless, the work would start to effortlessly flow again. It was very tangible and easy to know when the 3 brains were functioning healthily and in a mutually supportive way.
To give you some imagery: One might say that the physical manifestation of innate is the nervous system. The nervous system, our sensational information highway, informs us via the gross and subtle senses which, in turn, inform various centers within the body, in particular, the head, heart and gut brain. These 3 brains, when functioning healthily, digest, discern and disseminate the impulses from innate.
The human consensus, in general, still is that the brain within the head is the seat of logic and intelligence. It informs us logically, as compared to feelings and subtler senses that are unpredictable and, therefore, deemed unreliable. In other words, the brain in the head is considered the primary emissary or representative of our innate wisdom. Worse still, oftentimes the brain in the head is mistaken for our innate wisdom. Even though teachings such as HeartMath show us otherwise, breaking the habit of revering the head brain is no easy matter.
That the brain in the head is not just limited in its function, but also greatly impaired if the heart and the enteric brain are under functioning, is a mind-blowing concept to many. In terms of BodyTalk and understanding the dynamics of innate, we begin to realize that innate has not one but 3 emissaries. As long as the brain in the head is allowed to dominate and its habit is perpetuated, innate's natural tendency towards healing will continue to be inhibited and to varying degrees suppressed.
In simplistic terms, one might call the head brain the Negotiator; the heart brain the Discriminator and the gut brain - our power center - the seat of the Life Force; our impulse towards life. While the Negotiator is given supreme importance without consulting the other two emissaries, life will be lived from one negotiation and debate to the next. While the Discriminating heart brain is dismissed, the Negotiator, in his virtual autonomy, sees everything in black and white and life situations are to be controlled at all costs. While the Negotiator dominates and censors and controls, the natural expression of our Life Force is suppressed. In other words; our soul's journey remains an arduous one. Our gut brain is being dismissed and life is something hard to digest, impossible to assimilate.
The average person on the street intuitively knows about the gut brain and the head brain. "I went with my head, didn't listen to my gut and everything went wrong." The average person on the street intuitively knows about the heart brain and the head brain. "I wanted to follow my heart, but my head gave me so many good reasons not to." These verbal expressions are innate, giving us very clear messages about both our potential for wellbeing and the reason we feel far from at peace with ourselves.
While the head brain is revered as our primary emissary, its compulsion is to rule against the heart, clouding our ability to discriminate between healthy needs and harsh dictates. While the light of Discrimination of the heart brain is overruled, our childlike curiosity and the impulse to question is stilled. The Negotiator, the head brain, already has all the answers, but unable to question he can only assume and all his facts masquerade as truths.
When the Negotiator head brain dominates, it lacks the capacity for discernment. Instead, it guards against the unpredictable gut and certainly does not want its dogma disrupted by the Discriminating heart brain. In this way the Negotiator head brain remains pitted in unceasing quarrels against itself, suppressing the Life Force in increasingly distressful ways.
Conversely, when the heart brain is recognized as the mediator between the gut and head brain, the Life Force flows healthily and our experience is one of ease and wellbeing. "I feel like myself again!" When the Life Force flows naturally, innate informs the heart of her needs. The heart infuses the Life Force, the gut brain and the head with the light of Discrimination. Gradually or fast the light of Discrimination dispels black and white thinking. Assumptions start giving way to curiosity, questions and practical, dynamic expression of the Life Force. In this way innate's impulse towards bringing about healing is being fulfilled. The soul's journey is then being supported.
To some degree, exponential healing has been reported with some BodyTalk treatments over the years, but until now such results were not consistent. What has been missing is the knowledge of how to activate and re-synchronize the 3 brains so that they can once again function as an integrated, co-operative system. Immediately this happens, all the functions of the body dramatically improve.
My long-held dream of such a treatment is one that is now, finally realizing itself in my new course: BodyTalk: The Soul's Journey - exploring the Mind and the 3 Brains. By incorporating the soul and 3 brains complex into the BodyTalk protocol we now have a treatment protocol that allows innate to do way more than direct the treatment process. With this new treatment protocol, the functions of the three primary gateways of the nervous system are being addressed powerfully. This work that focuses so specifically on the soul and her relationship to the 3 brains is tantamount to opening a long neglected portal of healing within the body. Once this happens, innate's natural impulse towards healing may continue, exponentially.
Crucial within the new protocol, is the soul matrix which is located in the right atrium of the physical heart. This energy matrix is the accumulation of life lessons which can span thousands of years and a multitude of lifetimes. As the primary animating force within the body, the soul is our impetus towards life. As such, the soul and innate are inextricable in their shared impulse towards healing. Fuelled by a constant healing imperative, both the soul and innate meet many an obstacle along the way. These obstacles and how they are dealt with are part and parcel of the ontological healing process.
On her journey, the soul may ascend to heady, blissful heights; brave Swamplands of emotional suffering and come face to face with many an inner and outer Demon. Her journey is a perilous one, and many will be the times she will be seduced away from her task. Innate's healing process is similarly challenged. Of particular challenge to innate is her encounter with the discord and dissociation between the 3 brains.
Seen as a whole, the soul's journey appears to be a constantly evolving, and sometimes devolving process.  Her experiences are both good and bad; heavenly and hellish. Her journey is shaped and colored by the various environments and bodies she expresses herself through. Buffeted within the ocean of Samsara, she never fully abandons her quest, even though it may appear for all the world as if she is sunk deeply in apathy and sleep. Meanwhile, everything that is occurring on the soul's journey happens in parallel to both innate's process and that of the human being, who acts out this entire journey within the tangible, physical realm.
These 3 stories of soul, innate and the human being, are a direct reflection of the 3 brain complex and vice versa. One of the functions of the new BodyTalk treatment protocol is to naturally reinstate the heart complex as the medium of Discrimination within the body. This factor is an important one to understand, especially to those of you who are already consciously seeking. Only the light of discrimination has the power to fully dispel the illusion that this whole story is real.
From a practitioner's standpoint, this is what needs to be understood about the soul. The soul's nature is such that she assumes the colors and moods of everything that is experienced. Different experiences evoke strong agendas in her which she is unable to shake and can strongly identify with along the way.  These agendas and identitifications are influenced by the physical body and the environment she lives in. The 3 brain complex is similarly impacted upon and morphs in accordance with environmental factors, which include the genetics of the body.
When the soul's agenda and that of the 3 brains' clash, incredible internal stress is felt throughout the body.  These varying degrees of Dark Nights of the soul can be a major catalyst for disease processes, including activation of genetic diseases. Such symptoms are an indication that the healing impulse of innate is being overridden by the domineering head brain. Consequently, the physical system loses its ability to recover in a timely way. Part and parcel of the soul's journey is to experience and try to deal with chronic health problems, both mental, physical and spiritual.
When chronic illnesses persist for long enough, the experience of them ingrains itself as cellular memory. A susceptibility to repeated health issues can ensue, then no amount of excellent treatment seems capable of breaking the cycle of chronic disease. These chronic cycles are not limited to diseases of the body, but can manifest in all manner of human conflict. We find ourselves facing relationship issues that seem unresolvable.  These external conflicts might involve relationships to other people; to money; sex; body image; God; society; politics and our way of relating to life in general.
When the 3 brain complex is dissociating, the head brain takes over and mental fixations hold us in their clutches, appearing totally and vividly real and insurmountable. At such times the soul feels unsupported from above, below and inside and outside. At such times, the soul feels entirely lost and unsupported by life and, quite involuntarily, the human being continues to act out this whole drama within the physical realm. Of course, the great struggle for the human being is the experience and conviction that all these actions are of his own doing. This is the delusion that fuel's the soul's journey and her quest for Truth.
Addressing the various, intangible elements of this big picture, in a very specific and profound way, is where the new BodyTalk protocol excels. With this protocol, the practitioner is being given a tool that works at the level of the metaphysical dynamics occurring within the human body. Because such work catalyzes transformation in the very underpinnings of dis-ease, the surface symptoms quite naturally undergo transformation.
In the soul and 3 brains complex protocol, the deepest underpinnings of our worldly experience are the focus. Supported by the protocol, innate provides the practitioner with directives for treatment. Once the practitioner's task is done, because work has been catalyzed at such a deep level, innate's healing task may now continue exponentially. Synchronization of the 3 brain complex reinstates the heart complex as the Discriminating medium within the body. The human being starts seeing previously insurmountable seeming struggles in a very different light. As a consequence, whatever her imperative at the time, the soul feels inexplicably supported in her journey. Meanwhile, in direct relationship to all that is happening beneath the surface, the human experience continues to transform.

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