How Mindscape and BodyTalk Helped Me Become a Best-Selling Author

Sep 09, 2016

By Dr. Jennifer Harrison

Without question, 2015 was the most amazing year of my life! I want to share with you how MindScape and BodyTalk both played keys roles in helping me fulfill a dream of becoming a best-selling author plus create new opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

Let's rewind back to 2008. I had an idea for a book to help people who are overwhelmed by stress. I work as a Certified Athletic Therapist, Chiropractor and Par BP in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and for a number of years my patients kept saying, "Dr. Harrison, you should write a book". I've also been studying the inter-connectedness of the mind, body and spirit for more than 30 years. My particular interest has been the effect stress has on all of us as well as discovering techniques to help both manage and process stress. I've experienced many techniques along the way but BodyTalk, which I discovered in 2001, has by far made the most impact. So, I created an outline for my book and started writing it. However, as with most would-be authors, it was taking me forever to complete the book as clinic work, teaching and spending time with family and friends didn't leave a lot of extra time to commit to the book.

Then in 2013, I created a membership website where I post 2 or 3 articles a month, again to help people who are overwhelmed by stress. The book was still on my to-do list, but I was having less and less time to devote to it. However, in December, 2014, I had an epiphany! Why don't I compile the articles that I've already written for my website, create an eBook and just get the darned thing published? I love the way God/the Universe works because a few days later I found out about this amazing online course on how to get your book published on Amazon! Six months later, in June, 2015, I published my first book on Amazon called Stressed Self to Best Self™: A Body Mind Spirit Guide to Creating a Happier and Healthier You! A month later I published with another company so my eBook would be available in other formats and online bookstores around the world. In December, 2015, I launched the paperback version.

As if all this weren't exciting enough, back in February, 2015, while I was still compiling my book, I was presented with an opportunity to write a chapter in New York Times best-selling author and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books Jack Canfield's book, The Soul of Success, Volume 1. Jack has been a huge inspiration to me, especially with his book The Success Principles that he co-wrote with Janet Switzer back in 2005. I've been on his email list since then and that's how I found out in February, 2015, that he had partnered with a publicity/publishing agency to create a new book. In addition to Jack's chapter, there were about 59 other co-authors who seized this opportunity to contribute to the book. My chapter was called "Overcoming Overwhelm", which went on to win an Editor's Choice Award, an in-house award given to a few authors of the top chapters in the book. In my chapter I talk about the bodymind, nutrition, exercise, relationships, money and abundance, as well as something I call the bigger picture, where I talk about the merging of science and spirituality. It was exciting to be able to write about the BodyTalk System and specifically the Cortices Technique in the bodymind portion of the chapter. 

So, The Soul of Success, Volume 1, came out in September, 2015, and became a best-seller in several categories on Amazon in the US and Canada on launch day. It was a magical day! Then, a couple of weeks later I went to Hollywood, California, to attend an event put on by the publicity/publishing agency. It was there that I got to meet Jack Canfield in person for the first time as well as be interviewed by him for a show called Hollywood Live with Jack Canfield that was aired in March, 2016, on some affiliates of A&E and Bravo in the US.

Now I don't want you to think that 2015 was all smooth sailing just because I used MindScape and BodyTalk. In addition to 2015 being one of the most amazing years of my life, it was also one of the most stressful! What made it challenging was constantly dealing with ego resistance and limiting beliefs systems every time I came close to breaking out of my comfort zone, which was frequent throughout the year. Thoughts like, "Who am I to write a book?", "What if people don't like my book or think I didn't do a good job?" plagued me. In fact, I was thinking "What if my chapter in Jack Canfield's book is the worst one?" the week before I got the letter telling me I had won an Editor's Choice Award! Also, although my schedule was filled with wonderful things, it was filled to the brim! I was thinking "It wouldn't look too good if I say I'm a stress expert and then burn myself out!" However, I can say, without a doubt, that had it not been for MindScape and BodyTalk, I would not have completed my own book, would not have taken advantage of the wonderful opportunity to write a chapter in Jack's book, be interviewed for his TV show and would not have been able to maintain my bodymind health. Because, that is what the BodyTalk System is all about, helping you along your personal and spiritual life journey. It's about giving you tools to take you to the next level. It's about helping you live out your life purpose while helping to serve others.

This year, I created a live one day course (online course to follow) based on my book, Stressed Self to Best Self™, and I continue to be amazed at the opportunities to teach, speak and do book signings that keep coming my way! I feel I've really tapped into Universal Consciousness in a new way and MindScape and BodyTalk will continue to be my constant companions along this ever expanding journey.

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