Making Those Magical Connections: Interphasing the BodyTalk Modules

Jul 19, 2018

By Antonia Gentile

Just as certain information and techniques in the Fundamentals course may not always be implemented in a BodyTalk session, those in advanced modules often do not come up as well. The knowledge seems fascinating when learned, so why does this occur, and how can it be better applied by the practitioner, who also inherently benefits from giving a session?

Oftentimes, it's about the power of words.

For information to come up, a practitioner must first have a good understanding of key elements within the advanced modules, perhaps enhanced by a passionate interest in the topic, a greater degree of comfort in using certain techniques, or simply having studied or practiced more recently. A connection can then be made between what may otherwise seem like a casual mention of a word or other cue from the client, and something greater emanating from within that can be (no pun intended) tapped into.

This is akin to a brainstorming session in a corporate meeting. Someone seated at the table hollers an idea, the CEO at the whiteboard excitedly writes it down, and all of a sudden the space is filled with charts and a strategy is devised. In our case, the strategy is the building of the most comprehensive BodyTalk formula, and the whiteboard represents the most informed communication between the practitioner and client.

In this course, John will explain how key words and phrases during a BodyTalk session can serve as triggers for the practitioner's intellect and intuition, resulting in sessions that more frequently get "more specific."

With these extra tools, the possibilities for healing expand.

A belief system of the client, for example, may lead the practitioner to delve further into ancestral or cultural lineages as discussed in the Macrocosmic BodyMind course.

When a client presents with an injury, a practitioner's knowledge of Bio-Dynamics can increase the efficacy of a session through an agenda for improvement in a range of motion. For an athlete wanting to maximize performance in an event that represents the culmination of a childhood dream and a lifetime of training, it can quite literally mean the difference between a Bronze and a Gold Medal.

Computers are complex, but the brain being compared to such is an understatement if you consider the billions of neurons it is comprised of. Imagine the new possibilities that can occur in a session when a practitioner trained in MindScape is able to tap into vast intuitive faculties. "How did you know that?" is a phrase commonly voiced by clients, but to a BodyTalk practitioner, it is the norm.

BodyTalk is deep, and it can be easy to overlook the wealth and breadth of knowledge housed within advanced modules. In this course, John will provide an outline of these courses, and offer key concepts, themes and phrases that are reinforcing between them. A variety of treatment demonstrations will also be provided.

The foundation has been set. And so, think of this course as a handy manual in an ever-expanding toolbox for use in building states of greater health and wellness. 


Interphasing the BodyTalk Modules (Livestream)

Monday & Tuesday, July 30 & 31, 9:00am-5:00pm EDT
Details & Registration
This course is open to the public

$450 Members; $500 Non-Members
Prerequisites: Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure and Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)

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