Let's Get Chemical!!

Sep 17, 2010

We practice a discipline that is energy- ("frequency") and consciousness-based. I see the role of a good BodyTalk practitioner as that of gatekeeper, or guide, between the worlds of gross physical experience – that is, Cartesian, 4D manifestation (say, orthopedic surgery) – and the less concrete realms of subtle experience. The BodyTalk protocol is a technology that helps the practitioner and client to tune-in the proper bandwidth for the day's healing encounter.

Many of our patients arrive with low levels of body awareness – completely engaged with a few obvious symptoms, and separated from a sense of the healthy organic function within reach.
On a psychological level, clients struggle with emotional and cognitive awareness. Perhaps they are overidentified with and discouraged by their stories, obsessed with symptoms, or feeling confused, lost, or empty. Good use of the BodyTalk protocol serves us as a road map which helps both client and practitioner to shift from usual limitations to a wider bandwidth of possibilities in well-being. Put simply, when a practitioner identifies a priority, and links it to another priority, the body's hyper-reactivity can be
re-set and neutralized.

One way practitioners and clients can appreciate this bridging is through Body Chemistry, that fascinating discipline right on the borderline between gross and subtle perception, or Cartesian vs. quantum viewpoints. We can't see chemicals, but a microscope and experiments convince us of their reality. We may not believe in the frequencies carried by saliva, but we see, feel, and smell the substance. Body Chemistry is a bridge between these worlds.

When we identify and implement a link between something palpable to something imaginary, we become alchemists. This can be transformative for client and practitioner alike.

I'd like to share a recent case summary with you to inspire and encourage the "gatekeeper" viewpoint in BodyTalk sessions which highlight Body Chemistry:

Erythema Multiforme Major

"Laura," age seven, was brought in by her mother (a physician working in research) because of a several-year history of monthly outbreaks of erythema multifome major, a hypersensitivity disorder that manifests as severe eruptions and inflammatory plaques of the skin and mucosal membranes, sometimes accompanied by fever and respiratory crises or other systemic complications. Laura is an alert and otherwise healthy child, and her most recent crisis, requiring hospitalization, IV hydration, antihistamines, and steroids, had occurred 1 month prior to her consult. She was currently using regular doses of homeopathic sulfus to partially control symptoms. Her mother had a high level of anxiety about the possibility of a new crisis, which typically appeared every few weeks and always required a visit to the emergency room, heavy medication, and/or hospitalization.

Interestingly, most of Laura's lab results were normal or inconclusive, even when done in the midst of a crisis.

Before inviting Laura hop on to the table, I playfully asked her to paint some spit behind her ears, on her chest, and to leave the Q-tip in her belly button. While her body scanned that information, I finished her intake. The BC bubble was already flashing in my head, and the game engaged the child in her own session.

Session 1) Linking included: Cortices, EB, and switching – then hydration to skin and tegumentary system. Another link to clear meridian energy. Then Body Chemistry > protozoans affecting the lymphatic system. Finally, a tensegrity linking of Bladder 60 to the pubic symphisis, zygoma, GV20 and Ren1, to be energized by a simple CDRRII during triple warmer time until her next visit.

Session 2) Two weeks later, Mom reported that Laura had experienced a light rash on her forearms but it subsided within 2-3 days without progressing to a crisis. LINKS – again using saliva: Body Chemistry > hypersensitivities > snacks at school > spicy seasonings and additives, linked to Body Parts > skin and mucosa. We used both saliva and a sample of the offending snack to desensitize Laura with approximations between implementations. Mom and Laura learned cortices and were given homework of General Body Chemistry, Access-style, daily until the next opportunity for a balancing.

Session 3) Three months after session one, following school exams and a long trip to Europe, Laura returned completely symptom-free. We balanced her body chemistry once again and practiced her BodyTalk homework.

I advised mom that if early signs of another outbreak should occur, she can always use her new tools of cortices and body chemistry at home to neutralize its severity until she has the opportunity for another BodyTalk balancing. I'm convinced that for Laura and her mother, the use of the physical saliva and of the offending food helped them to bridge concrete reality to a level of more subtle experience. I suspect the Laura has broken her cycle of frequent hospitalizations.

Four months later, Laura remains symptom-free, except for a minor skin eruption immediately following her final session which again resolved spontaneously without need for treatment.

I'd like to add a closing note in appreciation of the way our matrix works – it was Claudia Heitmann in Germany who recommended sessions for Laura while her family was in Spain, and when they relocated to Mexico they immediately contacted me. This is an example of the global outreach we are capable of facilitating. Thanks, Claudia! And it goes without saying that the wisdom and guidance of Marita Roussey inspires and informs all my Body Chemistry balancings, thank you Marita! Danke! Gracias!

Image courtesy of Joe Sullivan, WikiCommons, http://flickr.com/photo/27304596@N00/96522428

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