"Change Yourself, Change the world"

Nov 12, 2010

By Submitted by Loesje Jacob

In January of 2010, Loesje Jacob realized one of her many dreams. Her dream was to bring a team of youth together from different parts of the world to share the gift of the BodyTalk Access techniques with the orphans of Batam, Indonesia (*Reference the January 2009 article in the Access Newsletter archives section). This magical journey took on many threads. Some of these were for youth to become aware of their own limitations, to explore their view of the world and also to experience the innate healing powers of the orphans as well as themselves, by applying the energetic techniques of BodyTalk Access.

Many of the youth stated, "It was the trip of a lifetime." Now they are actively bringing what they learned back into their own families and communities. For all of us – the youth, the facilitators, and the support team volunteers, it was truly an experience of deep joy, gratitude, love and a witnessing of miracles that unfolded on a daily basis.

Loesje Global is excited to inform you that on February 8th – 22nd, 2011, a team of Facilitators, BodyTalk Access Trainers, youth, and adults, will be embarking on the next Loesje Global Conscious Adventure.

With the support of the International BodyTalk Foundation, the Batam Harris Resort, and donators world-wide, Loesje Jacob (BAT, CBI, Adv. CBP, PaRama 2); Michael McKibban (BAT, CBI, Adv. CBP, PaRama 2); Kari Lesick (Youth Liaison, CBP); Mark Abadi (Quantum Holistic Psychologist); Andreas Artz (Aboriginal Interest Advisor); and returning 2010 Youth Team co facilitators will be combining BodyTalk System founder, John Veltheim's vision of bringing Access to developing communities around the globe with Loesje Global founder, Loesje Jacob's vision of mentoring Youth around the globe.

Participants will be learning BodyTalk Access and sharing the techniques with the orphans of Indonesia. The orphans and the staff of the orphanages are excited about this because Access, in keeping with the concept of "Teaching the Fisherman to Fish", is a gift that cannot be taken away. The participants will be supported in a fun and safe environment, exploring with others, looking beyond their own selves while opening their hearts.

BodyTalk Access Trainers will experience working with a translator co-teaching BodyTalk Access techniques to the youth, adults, and orphans. Daily debriefs and brainstorming discussions with facilitators will create powerful learning experiences on how to apply this in your own community and other countries. There is no other experience like this for a BodyTalk Access trainer in the world. You will be enthralled and surprised by the magic you'll learn from the orphans and youth.

Adult participants will learn the very powerful tool of BodyTalk Access and experience the stories and the songs that these orphan children have. In challenging your own perceptions of the world you will be able to be present engage with and witness the youth as they change their lives.

As a Youth Team participant you will embark on a Conscious Adventure, learn BodyTalk Access, a powerful self-healing tool, and share with the orphans of Indonesia. Through your own experience learn that when you "Change Yourself You Can Change the World". Enjoy a variety of other activities while sharing time with the children of Indonesia. Debrief and brainstorm with Facilitators, experience being part of a Team, encourage your Elders to give their knowledge back to you, allowing them to recover their song. Acquaint yourself with the logistics of international travel, interact with people from other cultures, and enjoy staying at the Batam Harris Resort. Look beyond your own limitations and see the world!

This 14-day journey, based at the Batam Harris Resort, includes twelve days of experiential learning such as Access, team building, and various other mini workshops as well as day trips to Orphanages on Batam Island, Indonesia. This is a fun, safe environment that will include many other activities such as swimming, bowling, mystery challenges, shopping.

Loesje Global and participants look forward to continue being part of the co-healing of youth, orphans, their families, and communities around the Globe.
For more information, please go to: www.loesjeglobaladventure1.ning.com Coordinator: KLesick@gmail.com 1-250-878-2102.

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