Mary's News

May 11, 2012

By Mary Shields

I'm just back from the instructors' cruise/retreat (April 23-27). Twenty-two of us met together; most of us were from across the USA and Canada, plus two from England and one from New Zealand. It was a great time of establishing new friendships, renewing and deepening old ones, and doing work for our group, around the Access class, and for the larger instructor and IBA matrices. From the very first meet-and-greet, where we connected hearts through an exercise led by Karla Kadlec, and our first official meeting, with Gilly Adkins teaching and walking us through her new Intimate Communication (Heart Talk) and Andrea Carter taking us through a powerful Heart Connection Forgiveness exercise, it was clear that this was not your usual instructors' gathering. Every day ended with a session for our group and the entire instructor matrix, and we did a powerful constellation exercise for the whole IBA (International BodyTalk Association) on the morning of our full day of meetings.
The kind of work we did together at this gathering was really important work for ourselves and for the larger organization of which we're a part – the IBA. One thing I'm finding with consciousness-based medicine and approaches is that work done by a smaller group can have a huge healing impact on the whole. That was also true for our group: we experienced deep healing and closer connections with each other and the whole IBA. It is my hope that the ripples will continue to flow out and touch each of us who is connected with the IBA in any way.
Margaret Mead writes, "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. In fact it is the only thing that ever has." The extraordinary effect that one small group can have was brought to my attention in a new way through a YouTube video celebrating amazing women in our lives. This video launched a whole movement. I share this with you in honor of the amazing women who did the work behind and on the scenes for the retreat I just experienced--Karla, Gilly, Andrea, Mel, Lasha, and Amanda (I apologize in advance if I missed anybody)--in honor of the twenty-two of us, all of whom participated fully and generously--and as a tribute to all the amazing women who have been influential in my life. Let's honor those who have mothered, mentored and shared their lives with us. Click here to enjoy the video.
With love, 

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