Eastern Medicine Live Stream Testimonial

May 24, 2013

By CiCi Baudoin

Taking the Eastern Medicine course via live streaming was incredibly helpful for me, as I've got a busy schedule right now.  I was a little concerned about taking it live stream because I had recently taken another live streaming course and missed a lot of it due to technical difficulties.  However, the Eastern Medicine course ran very smoothly, and the IBA team worked hard to make sure everyone had a good experience.  They were there to lend support, both with technical difficulties and questions.  They were our voice for questions we asked John, and made sure to get our questions answered. Bravo to the IBA team for making this a great experience!  Being able to take the course via live streaming was quite helpful to me, as it not only saved travel expenses, making the course much more affordable, but also allowed me the time to take the course, as I had a busy schedule already that week.  Of course, it's always nice to be able to wake up and take the course in your pajamas!
If anyone is questioning taking the Eastern Medicine course Dr. Veltheim is teaching because you've had the Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers previously taught, I highly recommend it.  Of course I was curious as to what information was in the Eastern Medicine course, but had put off taking it because I felt the Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers course was full of great information, and I was focused on other courses when Eastern Medicine came out.  When I learned that Eastern Medicine would be offered via live streaming, I knew it was my opportunity to take it without spending a lot of extra time and money on travel.  I figured it would be much of a repeat of the old course that I was guessing was so similar.  
WOW!  The first day of the Eastern Medicine course alone made it worth more than what I paid to take the course!  There is a lot of information in the Eastern Medicine course that was not presented in Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, much as that was an informative course.  Dr. Veltheim just continued to surprise us through each day of the course, presenting much-needed information in a way that was easy to understand and grasp in a way that we could actually take back to our practices and begin using with our clients immediately.  My practice began to shift the day after the class!  I enjoy using what I've learned in Eastern Medicine, and very much enjoy the changes in my personal life as a result of taking the class.  What you learn and experience on day one of the class helped me make sense of so much of my own life and what I've been experiencing.  That understanding from day one alone was life-changing and incredibly useful in not only my practice, but as well in my personal life.  The course continued to be incredible throughout the weekend.  
I cannot recommend the course enough if you are considering taking it.  I'm also hoping the IBA continues to offer more courses via live streaming, as I've now become a big fan.  It's always nice to see everyone in person at courses, but for a busy schedule it was priceless!  

CiCi Baudoin 
Three Rivers BodyTalk
BodyTalk Center of Kansas City

CiCi is Teaching Access in New Orleans on June 8th For more information Click Here! 

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