Jan 02, 2014

By IBA Team

Time and time again we turn to nature for valuable lessons in life; and this is no exception. Biology has been surviving, or dare we say 'thriving' for thousands of years in what seems to be an unpredictable world. How? Adaptation.

Adaptability is the power to respond to change in the world, no matter how inconvenient or surprising it may be.
Just as adaptability is vital to the life of the species, it is equally vital to the life of an organization. BodyTalk is an organic system that is composed of ever changing revelations and discoveries. We do not move in the left-brained, linear, concrete form of facts chipped in granite. That is way too static for us. Experience has shown that what we thought to be an absolute fact in one moment can turn out to be nothing more than a worn out perspective in another.
As so we adapt...
The PaRama BodyTalk courses (PaRama Unit 1 and PaRama Unit 2) are due for some reviewing and reorganizing. Most of the content will be the same with some minor updates and more specifically a reorganization of the material that has evolved out of the practical utilization of the techniques over the years. Those of you, who have been recently drawn to taking the PaRama material, please do not let this be a deterrent to furthering your studies. The PaRama Practical's (the live courses that are taken once the DVD's have been reviewed) provide the environment to explore the evolution and development of this material thereby giving you the most up-to-date information available. We are also planning to take advantage of resources like the Internet, flexible learning environments, and innovative learning strategies. It is an exciting endeavor that will work to the ongoing benefit of the students.
Also, as part of this reorganizing we are also looking at combining the PaRama Unit 1 Practical with the PaRama Unit 2 Practical allowing for a more holistic experience of the material. 
We will, of course, take into account those of you who have studied parts of the existing PaRama material when setting the pricing structure of the combined practical and new course format. Those looking to monitor for a fresh perspective, special upgrade pricing and monitoring discounts will be available. 

For now, we would like to offer the current PaRama Unit 1 DVD course and PaRama Unit 2 DVD course at 25% off until 1st December 2013.

-- IBA Team

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