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Aug 09, 2018

By John Veltheim

"We are a way for the universe to know itself."

- Carl Sagan

BodyTalk Direct

A New Wave in Understanding BodyTalk

Healthcare, as it stands today, has focused primarily on the physical aspects of the body. That said, there has been an increasing movement and acceptance into things like acupuncture and forms of energy medicine as science has given us insights into how these approaches work.
And yet, science has made bigger breakthroughs still in the field of quantum understanding. The insights from these breakthroughs have been focused on things like free power and energy. Very few people have yet to venture into merging the new quantum understandings with healthcare.
That is where my new course comes in.
One of the big problems in all forms of healthcare, particularly energy medicine, is our reliance on our existing understandings of the body's communication systems. We know that for the body to heal itself there must be good communication--this is the basic tenet of BodyTalk. But we can only make use of our existing understandings of how communication within the body occurs.
At the physical level, communication relies on the movement of chemical signals and involves the nervous, lymphatic and blood systems. We know that these systems have their unique functions, but from a communication perspective, they are extremely slow. While the neurological system might be the fastest of the three, it is still heavily restricted by time factors.
We now know that the energy systems and channels of the body, such as the meridians, can communicate more quickly, yet, relatively speaking, they too are still quite slow.
Basic common sense tells us that the longer it takes for a message to reach its destination, the more opportunity there is for it to get obstructed, interrupted, or taken off course.

So, we need to look beyond the communication pathways we have been relying on in BodyTalk up to this point and link into an as-of-yet hugely untapped resource. To go deeper into communication, we need to turn to quantum theory. 
The reality is that the number one method of communication across all systems are torsion fields and scalar waves. 
Instant Healing
Around the year 1910, Nikola Tesla discovered something that present-day researchers are still trying to catch up with. Most of Tesla's research was hidden and locked away in a museum in Yugoslavia. About six years ago, permission was granted for certain scientists to view the material. Since then, a lot of research has evolved from it, particularly in the areas of torsion fields and scalar waves.
I have been privileged to work with two of the scientists who had access to this research in my development of this course. The difference is that they are not focusing on health.

When we focus on the role that torsion fields and scalar waves play in the body from a communication perspective, we can tap into a whole new level of healing. 
While we will go into far greater depth in the course, a quick explanation is that torsion fields carry specific information, while scalar waves don't carry information but are energizing and allow things to happen. They also provide the structural composition previously attributed to atoms. That said, where you have one, you will always have the other.
They have now shown that within the nucleus in every cell in the body, the DNA helix is constantly contracting and releasing. Scientists have shown that every time it contracts, it forms a torsion field and sends out scalar waves. This torsion field collects information from the DNA (including methyl markers) and then broadcasts it out. This is happening in every single cell in the world. The information being broadcast can be "good" or "bad."
In the ideal situation, the cell is broadcasting useful, helpful information to help other cells. However, if things are going wrong, it can send out bad information, for example broadcasting information on how to be a cancer cell or expressing certain diseases. Every other cell that receives this information must discriminate to determine if that information is useful to them and they want to take it aboard or they are going to ignore it. The cells within our own bodies will have more interest in what our own cells are broadcasting, as opposed to the cellular broadcasts of the person standing next to us.
This dynamic explains why you can get skin cancer on the foot and then suddenly have cancer in the lung. It is not an issue of metastasis but rather communication through torsion fields.
This broadcasting and receiving through the torsion fields is occurring at extremely high speeds. While torsion fields have been estimated to travel at 1029 times the speed of light, this measurement mainly implies that they can reach the "other end" of the universe instantaneously, meaning that they operate outside of time and space.
So, our cells are continuously broadcasting information and this information is reaching everyone around us and the other end of the universe simultaneously and instantaneously. This means that if you have a family member who has genes similar to yours, or you have a close relationship with them, then your cells may take on some of the information they are sending, for better or worse, even if they are thousands of miles away.
If there are stress factors, it can weaken the filters (the discriminating and screening mechanism) of a person's cells, making them more susceptible to taking on information that can be harmful to them. This can be a major contributing factor to disease.
In science, the insights developing out of torsion field and scalar wave research is solving many universal mysteries. By applying the understandings in a healthcare system like BodyTalk, suddenly the scope of practice increases dramatically, as does the speed at which healing can occur.

By understanding and learning to work with torsion fields, we can influence the information cells are both broadcasting and receiving (via their filters). Additionally, in learning to work with torsion fields and scalar waves, we will be able to affect change within the body instantly. 

In order to be able to apply torsion field understandings within BodyTalk, there is a lot of material to learn, and we must also be able to visualize it. In this course, I will take students through this process step-by-step. I will then teach how to apply the understandings within a very specifically designed protocol that can best maximize their potential.
I will demonstrate multiple treatments. There will also be a significant practical component to the course so that students can start implementing the material and I can make sure the protocol is being applied properly.
It opens a whole new vista for BodyTalk. This is truly the next generation of BodyTalk.



Miami, Florida, USA
BodyTalk Direct, August 25-26, 9am-5pm, $600 - Details & Registration

Denver, Colorado, USA
BodyTalk Public Talk, Sept. 6, 7-9pm, FREE Details & Registration
Note: registration is not required but appreciated for the public talk
BodyTalk Direct, Sept. 7-8, 9am-5pm, $600
Details & Registration
Founders Session Intensive, Sept. 9-10, 9am-5pm, $350 Details & Registration
Note: First 30 students to register pay $350 and receive a session; cost is $200 for observation only

San Jose, California, USA
BodyTalk Direct, Sept. 15-16, 9am-5pm, $600 Details & Registration
Founders Session Intensive, Sept. 17, 9am-5pm, $350 Details & Registration
Note: This is a 1-day intensive; only the first 15 students to register pay $350 and receive a session; cost is $200 for observation only

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
BodyTalk Public Talk, Sept. 20, 7-9pm, FREE Details & Registration
Note: registration is not required but appreciated for the public talk
BodyTalk Direct, Sept. 21-22, 9am-5pm, $600 Details & Registration
Founders Session Intensive, Sept. 23-24, 9am-5pm, $350 Details & Registration
Note: First 30 students to register pay $350 and receive a session; cost is $200 for observation only

New York, NY, USA
BodyTalk Public Talk, Sept. 27, 7-9pm, FREE - Details & Registration
Note: registration is not required but appreciated for the public talk
BodyTalk Direct, Sept. 28-29, 9am-5pm, $600 - Details & Registration
Founders Session Intensive, Sept. 30-Oct.1, 9am-5pm, $350 Details & Registration
Note: First 30 students to register pay $350 and receive a session; cost is $200 for observation only

The prerequisite for BodyTalk Direct is Fundamentals and BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3); the course provides 16 CEUs for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements. Both the 2-day and 1-day FSIs provide 8 CEUs.

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