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Course Title:
Pediatrics for BodyTalkers

Course Overview:
This course is designed to teach BodyTalk practitioners the keys to treating children and parents using both the BodyTalk protocol and the educational and advice techniques used by pediatric practitioners. Many of the educational pieces of information Dr Hanfileti has found to be valuable in his practice as a pediatrician and BodyTalk practitioner are included. BodyTalk with children is synergistic and complementary to their overall health and wellbeing no matter what other modalities are being used and it provides an opportunity for parents to truly take a preventative stance and enact measures to help their children right away.

Course Description

This course is designed to:

- Educate the BodyTalk practitioner about specific pediatric topics relevant and useful to their daily practice.

- Relate some of the tips to communicating effectively with both children and their parents and being more comfortable with the one on one treatment process.

- Explore the dynamics of what’s actually happening energetically before, during and after the BodyTalk session with children.

- Show participants how an intake and treatment is done in live demonstrations with a child and parent.

- Give specific practical examples of exercises practitioners can give to parents for them to use at home to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments.

- Explain how to integrate the findings and beliefs prevalent in the conventional medical paradigm with BodyTalk principles in order to help parents understand their child better.

- Show through examples and case studies the common scenarios and treatment outcomes practitioners can expect from working with children.

- Provide valuable information for practitioners who may not treat children, but have adult clients with issues originating from childhood experiences.

Course Outline

The course will include coverage of the following topics in lecture format, as well as two live demonstrations given by the instructor.

  • Preparation for the Practitioner

  • Setting the stage

  • CEU – Communicate, Educate, Understand

  • Preparation for the Pediatric Age Group

    1. Ages and Stages, prenatal to teens

    2. Arcs of Development as a dynamic process

    3. The Child’s History, Environment, Current Settings and Blueprint

Treatment Process
• Live Demo #1 with Parent and Child

Treatment Process Discussion:

• How to interact with a child and make them comfortable
• How to get in rapport with parents
• How to go “exploring”
• Dealing with diagnoses and the conventional medical mindset
• Working “backwards” and putting the puzzle pieces together
• Intake Logistics
• The Paradox of preparing for the unexpected
• Starter Questions to catalyze change

Discussion, Questions and Answers
Proactive Information for Parents:

• 5 Energy Medicine Principles for Parents
• 3 More Topics for Parents
• 4 Tips to Give Parents to Use at Home
• Chinese medicine and kids: an invaluable combination
• Shifting the Paradigm for Parents

Common Topics in Pediatric BodyTalk Sessions
• Survey of the Protocol from a child’s view
• Survey of the Protocol from the parent’s view
• Case studies: Integration of the concepts within BodyTalk treatments

Treatment Process
•Live Demo #2 with Parent and Child

Advanced Topics for Context and Perspective
• The Neurobiology of “We”
• Family History influences – Studies and Other Modalities
• Age reciprocal resonance: Not just between parent and child

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

1. Describe the triad of child, parent and practitioner and how this dynamic relates to BodyTalk sessions with children.
2. Know that CEU stands for communicate, educate and understand, and be able to discuss how information transfer occurs.
3. List some of the developmental stages and milestones of different pediatric age ranges.
4. Be able to discuss how history and the environment contribute to a child's current energy settings, and how that energy is used for short, medium and long arcs of development.
5. Know that energetic priorities are different for different age ranges in childhood.
6. Summarize what is meant by "reality based medicine".
7. Be able to describe to parents the energy medicine principles of distribution, hierarchy, conservation, imprinting and resonance.
8. Define Age Reciprocal Resonance and explain why it is important for parents to know about it.
9. Explain to parents why it is impossible for them to "keep secrets".
10. Be able to advise parents to use the concepts of 'practice', 'foreshadowing', 'contrast' and 'choices' with their kids.
11. Describe the usefulness of the Chinese medicine system of correspondences as an energy based framework for symptom interpretation.
12. Use easy to understand terms to describe BodyTalk categories to parents as they come up in sessions with their child.

Assessment: NA

Textbook: Pediatrics for BodyTalk Practitioners by Peter Hanfileti, MD, First Edition ©2010 (published by the author and included in the cost of the course).

Additional Reading: N/A

Course Name: Pediatrics for BodyTalkers

Format: Lecture and Demonstration

This course counts for 12 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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