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Sports psychology and performance enhancement is a fascinating and enjoyable field. It is different to sports medicine which is oriented to sports injuries, rehabilitation and restoring normal function. In sports psychology, there are many mental and emotional factors to contend with that can influence and inhibit optimal athletic performance. This supplemental course will look at the different kinds of pressures that both children and adults face that can wreak havoc with their ability to play and enjoy sports and to perform at their best. The expectations of family, peers, coaches, and the public can overwhelm an athlete and keep them “in their head” so to speak.

Outside of treating psychological stress factors, this course will also look at the types of physical enhancement we can influence through BodyTalk to help the body function at its peak. This includes helping the musculoskeletal system to function at its premium, the optimal coordination of movement and energies, the right movement of energies through the muscles at the right time, the ability of the adrenals to meet the needs of the body, the proper circulation of adrenaline, and also establishing what type of fuel intake athletes need depending on their particular sport and their metabolism.

This course attempts to cover a fairly large subject and will really focus on some of the key practical applications in treatment that can make a dramatic difference in athletic performance, because many times you will not need to treat injuries, but rather the client’s mental state and their ability to perform at their best.

John worked with many clients in this field in his practice years ago, including Olympians, Aussie football players and other top athletes. It will be a very exciting course for him to teach. He says, “We have so many tools with BodyTalk and there is so much we can do!”

This course counts for 2 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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