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You are all well aware that in BodyTalk Fundamentals you learn what we call the Essential General Basics (EGBs) at the beginning of the Protocol. These techniques are taught right at the beginning of the course because they are vital in establishing the proper conditions for the body to be able to respond to more complex links and formulas. Oftentimes, we see that when we have done the EGBs with a client a few times, they don't come up as much and we are able to focus on the rest of the Protocols.

As BodyTalk keeps growing, there are a multitude of new possible links and formulas to help the more complex cases. As responsible practitioners or as people just interested in maximizing our own potential, we continue to learn and study. However, some of you have stated that the ideas in the advanced courses can be overwhelming and not always perfectly understood. I strongly empathize with this as, in the early days, even I found myself struggling to embrace and include all the concepts I developed in BodyTalk into my own sessions.

Much of the advanced work is really about the way we are living and how successfully we are interacting with the world around us. It is about taking advantage of opportunities that can sometimes be easily missed or overlooked. Lately, I have been doing a lot of reflection on this. I have realized that even in my own life, I have not taken full personal advantage of the work I teach. In other words, I'm not using my large body of work to maximize my own creativity, interpersonal relationships, health potential, and potential excellence as a practitioner.

Using the work to benefit our own lives and health is crucial for us as practitioners. We are potential representatives of the benefits of BodyTalk, but only if we walk our talk. As it is, many of us still find it easier to help others than to help ourselves and we are not experiencing our true potential and optimal well-being at all levels. Remember that wellbeing not only means the absence of discomfort and illness, but also clarity of mind.


I have spent a great deal of time recently looking over my work. Within this vast network of BodyTalk courses I have rediscovered gems I had all but forgotten about. In this process it became clear to me that once these gems are integrated into a particular formula they will improve the efficacy of our treatments exponentially.

I have now put together a treatment session that I believe will increase our potential dramatically in all aspects of life. To do this, I’m utilizing all the sections of The BodyTalk System by combining the key factors from each of the BodyTalk courses into a significant BodyTalk balancing session for BodyTalk practitioners that can be applied by any practitioner who has the necessary knowledge This very advanced session is not designed to treat specific problems. Its focus is to establish specific links within the bodymind that will improve bodily functions and greatly enhance the body’s response to treatment.

After viewing this session, those practitioners who wish to utilize this treatment program with their own clients will need to be very familiar with all the ingredients. This means that if you hope to replicate the session to some degree with your own clients, you will need to have taken the courses that this comprehensive session draws from. This is necessary because each of the individual techniques relies on interfaces with other techniques within the formula. This must necessarily be combined with a deep understanding of the work. At this stage, with the right training, many of you practitioners could implement this treatment program effectively with your own clients once you have listened to it a few times and have experienced the changes yourselves.

This is the part you will really like:

I have videotaped this entire session in two parts. Each session is long, and the first time you listen to them and watch them, you will definitely feel shifts and changes from certain aspects of the session. I strongly recommend that after the initial viewing of Part A you delay watching Part B for at least a day or until the effects of the first session settle down. Then I recommend, that you re-watch both parts a few more times. You will experience incremental changes as your body becomes in tune with the dynamics, allowing it to take advantage of some of the more advanced techniques the more times you listen.

These sessions are only available to IBA Members and their immediate family. You will access it through your Membership page, and it will not be open to the public. You may watch them as often as you are feeling benefit from them. I would stress that it will not necessarily cure some of the individual issues you may have. This session is designed to improve your deepest psycho-physiological functions so that you can respond to all standard and alternative healthcare techniques and BodyTalk more effectively.

The session will be free to all Members and immediate family and can be utilized as often as you want.

Have fun ... but try to watch it in the evening before you go to bed because, for some of you, it will have a very strong impact and be best synthesized while you are asleep

This course counts for 0 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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