BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 3

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Course Title:

BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 3

Course Overview:

Join us for the transformational 6-day online module BodyTalk Fascial Energetic Level 3, where you will expand your knowledge and skills in the world of energy medicine. Building upon the foundational concepts covered in BodyTalk Fascial Energetic Level 2, this course delves deeper into evaluating and treating energetic lesions in the sense organs, and nervous, circulatory, lymphatic and energy systems. Treatment sessions expand to include fascial chains, regions, and combinations.

Through comprehensive lectures and interactive lab sessions, you will explore the profound impact of another layer of Internal Factors, as well as External Factors on physical health, including:

Internal Factors
• Thoughts/beliefs
• Emotions
• Behaviors
• Consciousness

External Factors
• General
• BioChem
• Roles
• Energy

Take your holistic healing capabilities to the next level by deepening your knowledge and applicable techniques regarding Internal & External Factors and their influence on the energetic field within the mind and body.

Lab instructions will equip you with practical techniques for performing Energetic Balancing for:

• Self-treatment sessions
• Face-to-face treatments
• Remote treatments

Unlock the power of energetic healing and discover how to restore balance and harmony in the body.

Quantum Field Theory and Energy Medicine

• Explore the profound connection between Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine, deepening your understanding of the energetic nature of the body and its impact on health and healing.
• Expand your knowledge of Quantum Field Theory, which states that everything is a field, not a particle, and learn how this theory applies to the energetic dynamics of the body.
• Understand the relationship between waves and particles, and how observation influences the transition from wave-like behavior to particle-like behavior.
• Gain insights into the 17 known fields in the universe, including the fundamental matter fields (fermions) and force fields (bosons), and their role in shaping the building blocks of matter and mediating the fundamental forces.
• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Quantum Field Theory and its applications to Energy Medicine, enabling you to unlock the keys to restoring balance and vitality in the energetic blueprint of the body.
• Explore the transformative power of Energy Medicine in unlocking the body's innate healing abilities and restoring balance and vitality.

Embark on this intriguing and powerful journey into Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine, where you will gain a deeper understanding of the energetic nature of your being and unlock the keys to restoring balance and vitality.

Course Outline

Review BodyTalk Fascial Energetic Level 2

BodyTalk Fascial Energetic Level 3 Protocol

• Chain
• Regions
• Combinations

Specific Anatomy: Nervous System
• Central Nervous System (CNS)
• Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
• Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)
• Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)

Specific Anatomy: Sense Organs
• Eyes: Vision
• Ears: hearing
• Nose: Smell
• Taste Buds: taste

Specific Anatomy: Circulation
• Arterial System
• Venous System
• Lymphatic System

Specific Anatomy: Energetic Systems
• Dantians
• Chakras
• Meridians
• Auras
• Quantum Field Theory

Internal Factors
• Thought/Beliefs
• Emotions
• Behavior
• Consciousness

External Factors
• General
• BioChem
• Roles
• Energy

• Imagery
• Direction of Energy
• Neural Reflex

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the BodyTalk student will be able to:

Expanded Healing Scope: Deepen your knowledge and skills by learning how to evaluate and treat energetic lesions throughout the supporting physical and energetic networks of the body, including the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, and energy systems.
Comprehensive Understanding: Explore other theories and interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, expanding your understanding of observable and subatomic matter and its impact on energetic balancing.
Consciousness and External Factors: Discover the influence of consciousness and external factors on total body lesions, gaining insights into the interconnectedness of internal and external factors in shaping physical health.
Advanced Techniques and Tools: Acquire additional activation tools and expand your treatment locations to include chains, regions, and combinations, enhancing your effectiveness as an energetic balancing practitioner.
Holistic Healing Empowerment: Gain a deeper understanding of how thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors, consciousness, and the environment influence the energetic field within the mind and body, empowering you to facilitate holistic healing and restore balance and harmony.
Mind-Body-Energy Connection: Gain awareness of the profound interplay between your thoughts/beliefs, emotions, behavior, consciousness, environment, and the energetic fields, allowing you to harness the power of this interconnectedness for enhanced well-being.

Embark on a transformative journey of energetic healing and empowerment with Energetic Balancing Total Body. Expand your healing capabilities, deepen your understanding, and unlock the potential for holistic well-being. Enroll now and take your practice to new heights.

Assessment: N/A
Textbook: Manual is provided at the course
Additional Reading: N/A
Prerequisites: BodyTalk Fascial Energetic Level 2

This course counts for 28 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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