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This series of BodyTalk sessions (Beauty of Symmetry, From Hurt to Healing, and Beliefs & Nervous System) may seem diverse at first but they share intriguing interconnections. Together they form an exploration of the human experience, weaving together the beauty of aesthetics, the healing of emotional and physical pain, and the transformative power of awareness when it comes to polarized beliefs.

Our first session in the series is called The Beauty of Symmetry. Symmetry is a concept that permeates life, from natural formations to the human body. This BodyTalk session utilizes the principles of symmetry to promote harmony and balance. The mathematical pattern often associated with symmetry is the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence—where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones (1,1,2,3,5,8,13 …)—exhibits a captivating relationship with the Golden Ratio (approximately 1.618). As the Fibonacci numbers get larger, the quotient between each successive number approximates 1.618. This ratio, known for its aesthetic appeal, is found in artistic compositions and architectural designs.

Drawing upon the elegance of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio, this BodyTalk session is aimed at restoring equilibrium to the five physical and subtle senses. While this may appeal to our sense of aesthetics, more importantly, this harmony can extend to every part of our body-mind which has become skewed, from perceptions or cellular and system imbalances right down to the DNA and blueprint for health. Symmetry acts as a unifying thread, connecting us to the inherent order and balance present in nature—from the symmetry in a cell to the symmetry in our relationships and larger matrices. Working with these formulas can restore balance in virtually every aspect of life.

Our second session, From Hurt to Healing, focuses on emotional and physical pain. Both are precipitated by experiences of hurt and trauma. Emotional pain can manifest as stress, anxiety, or unresolved trauma, affecting any aspect of our well-being. Feelings of guilt, shame, and loneliness can arise and can eventually result in physical pain. Of course, the opposite may occur as well: physical pain can lead to depression, hopelessness, and despair. This session focuses on the sex chakra and the individuation process. Individuation refers to the process through which a person achieves a sense of individuality separate from the identities of others and begins to consciously exist as a human in the world. This in turn supports the individuation of emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and shame, to name a few. Additionally, repairing the second chakra hugely supports the heart center and individuation process. Since the sex chakra feeds the heart chakra, repairing the sex chakra profoundly impacts pelvic-heart circulation.

Our third session, Beliefs & Nervous System, addresses pathological beliefs that are intricately enmeshed in our sense of ill- or well-being. The nervous system plays a vital role in transmitting signals throughout our body, regulating various functions and responses. Our beliefs have an influence on those functions and responses. Beliefs that clog up the myelin sheath of the nerves can be considered pathological. Even positive beliefs can occlude or mask the very traumas that need our attention, love, and compassion. Whether the beliefs are deeply ingrained subconscious patterns or conscious patterns, they have a profound effect on our nervous system and health. This BodyTalk session addresses these beliefs by bringing awareness to them. Following that, we restore and repair the myelin sheath, which in turn promotes a more balanced and adaptive response to stress.

Together these three sessions address symmetry to support well-being, encourage alleviation of emotional and physical pain, and promote healing of the nervous system. By integrating these elements, this combination of sessions offers a transformative journey from imbalance to harmony, from hurt to healing. They are designed to promote relief from physical discomfort, emotional turmoil, or a desire for overall balance and relief from rigid beliefs hindering well-being. All together they offer a powerful tool on our journey to optimal health.

This course counts for 3 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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