BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 1

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Course Title:
bBodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 1

Course Overview:
Join us for the transformative 6-day online module, BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 1, where you will be introduced to the world of energy medicine and quantum physics as it applies to the physical body. This foundational course is designed to provide you the BodyTalk practitioner with the essential tools to perform energetic balancing on the energetic hologram of a single location. In this course you will learn energetic balancing technique including hold space, realignment, molding, fascial glide and listening and following energetic balancing techniques.

Through comprehensive lectures and interactive lab sessions, you will delve into the intricate study of the following musculoskeletal components:

• Fascia
• Muscle
• Bones
• Joints / Sutures
• Foreign Objects

The focus will be on the energetic holograms of the upper and lower extremities, anterior and posterior torso, and cranium. You will gain a profound understanding of how these energetic holograms influence the energetic field within the physical body and walk away with the tools to begin laying the foundation for holistic healing.

As you progress through the course, lab instructions will equip you with practical techniques for performing Energetic Balancing in various settings:

• Self-treatment sessions
• Face-to-face treatments
• Remote treatments

Unleash the power of energetic healing and discover how to restore balance and harmony in the body.

Note: BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 1 is the introductory level, providing the gateway to further exploration in our advanced modules, BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 2 and 3.

Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine
In this introductory course, we give rise to your understanding of the energetic nature of the human body and its profound implications for healing and transformation.

• Everything is Energy: Quantum Physics reveals that at the most fundamental level, all matter, including our muscles, bones, and fascia, is composed of energy. Embrace the concept that our physical structure is intricately interconnected with the energetic realm.

• Particle-Wave Duality: Discover the fascinating principle that particles can exhibit both particle-like and wave-like behavior. Unravel the mysteries of how energetic particles oscillate between these two states, influencing the body's energetic blueprint.

• Non-Locality: Explore the concept of non-locality, where energetic connections between particles extend beyond spatial limitations. Envelop the idea that our body's energetic influences transcend physical boundaries.

• Observer Effect: Understand the profound impact of observation on the behavior of energy. Learn how your intention and focus can influence the energetic patterns within the body, paving the way for healing.

• Quantum Entanglement: Examine the concept of entanglement, where particles remain connected and instantaneously influence each other's states, regardless of distance. Gain insights into the interconnectedness of our energetic being.

• Infinite Potential: Embrace the concept of infinite potential within the energetic realm. Discover the limitless possibilities for healing and transformation that arise when we harness the power of our energetic nature.

Embark on this enlightening journey into Quantum Physics and prepare to unlock the keys to energetic balance and vitality. As you progress through Energetic Balancing Musculoskeletal, these foundational concepts will provide a solid understanding of how to energetically balance the physical body, paving the way for holistic healing and personal growth.

Course Outline

Principles of Practice

Principles of Energetic Balancing

Energetic Anatomy

• Energy
• Energy Vibration
• Energy Fields
• Vitality
• Human Energetic System
• Matter
• Universal Laws
• Quantum Mechanics
• Energy Medicine

BodyTalk Fascial Energetics Level 1 Protocol


• Single Location

Specific Anatomy
• Fascia
- Superficial
- Deep
- Meningeal
• Muscles
• Diaphragms
• Bones
• Joints
• Sutures
• Foreign Objects

Energetic Balancing Specific Techniques
• Hold Space
• Realignment
• Molding
• Fascial Glide
• Listening & Following

• Time
• Breathing
• Specific Tapping
• Impulse
• Recoil
• Rhythmic Stretch

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the BodyTalk student will be able to:

Foundational Understanding: Develop a solid foundation in the principles of Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine as they apply to the musculoskeletal system, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the energetic nature of the physical body.

Energetic Holograms: Gain proficiency in identifying and working with energetic holograms of single locations within the body, including fascia, muscles, bones, joints, sutures, and foreign bodies, to promote energetic balance and harmony.

Enhanced Energetic Perception: Cultivate your energetic perception skills, allowing you to sense and address imbalances within specific musculoskeletal structures, promoting targeted healing and restoration.

Self-Healing Techniques: Acquire practical techniques for self-healing and energetic self-care, empowering you to maintain balance and well-being in your own body and energy field.

Assessment: N/A

Textbook: Manual is provided at the course

Additional Reading: N/A

Prerequisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals

This course counts for 28 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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