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This complete course is currently available on PaRama Campus here.

Course Introduction

This online course, originally developed by Dr. John Veltheim, teaches the most advanced levels of The BodyTalk System. The word PaRama comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “highest” or “beyond.” It takes what you have learned in the core BodyTalk modules and goes far beyond them in terms of both concepts and techniques.

While we all start out in BodyTalk by learning how to utilize our intuition in a very linear and structured way, the PaRama course is intended to totally re-wire all three brains in such a way that you learn to apply BodyTalk principles and techniques in a far more flexible and expansive fashion. The course will strengthen your trust in your intuition, thereby allowing it to have more freedom as it navigates an endless array of possibilities for healing. The course will not only deepen your understanding of what Dynamics Systems Theory really means, it will also provide a more comprehensive foundation to Dr. Veltheim’s more recent advanced courses, namely Finding Health, Eastern Medicine, Physical Energetics, Soul’s Journey, BodyTalk Direct, and Circadian Rhythms. However, you do not need to have taken these courses for a quantum shift in your understanding of BodyTalk principles to occur.

The PaRama course works at a different vibration and different level of awareness than the core BodyTalk courses. Because of this, simply taking the course will produce very strong shifts in your own physiology, as well as in the way you work as a practitioner. Quite obviously, this will also produce strong shifts in the clients you work with, as well as influencing all your relationships. Not only does the course work shift your perspective into a deeper, more intuitive and creative way of revealing BodyTalk formulas, it will influence the way you interact with people and situations around you.

Course Overview

The PaRama BodyTalk course content covers an extremely wide array of concepts and techniques and students cannot expect to grasp or absorb it all in a few months’ time. The PaRama Course is a Master’s level program that will take even the most adept and dedicated student a minimum of a year to master.

The course is presented in eight segments, each diving into a specific area of study. The first three courses teach you how to understand and apply the PaRama Exploring Procedures Chart, with entirely new methods of approaching formulas. The next two courses go into an in-depth study of the Brain. The remaining three courses cover the levels of mind, the quadrune brain, the gunas and consciousness, and advanced circulation concepts.

While the original version of the course was presented as a series of video lectures on DVD with accompanying slides and posters presented in two units (Unit 1 and Unit 2), the updated version of the course is presented in a streamlined online format that includes online video lectures, an accompanying online textbook, and other useful supplemental materials. In addition, minor updates have been made to the original course and much of the material has been elaborated on and in some cases clarified. The video lectures now include both John and guest Instructor and lecturer Tim Hall, who was one of the most passionate proponents of the PaRama course when it first came out many years ago, and who continues to be one of Dr. Veltheim’s primary researchers in new course development.

Course Outline

Segment 1 – Introduction to PaRama, How to Study and Learn, Introduction to the PaRama Exploring Procedures chart, Working within the new Details box, working with the new concept of Strategies, Learning how to use the new treatment concept of Networks

Segment 2 – Learning how to work with the new concept of Repair Systems including working with Epigenetics, Brain Circulation and the Ventricles, Brain development during Life Periods, Working with the new concept of Categories

Segment 3 – Learning how to work with the new concept of Variables including working with Time (Fixed, Fluid, Recursive), Scope and Parameters, Working in Three Dimensions, Working with Time Expansion and Contraction, Working with Dynamic Interactive Formulas and Search and Retrieval formulas (DIF), Expanded uses of Satellites (Alternative and Resource)

Segment 4 – Learning the Brain Parts and their functions, Introduction to the PaRama Brain Psychology and Physiology Chart, Introduction to the Thalamus Chart, Exploration of Vedic brain associations.

Segment 5 – Exploration of Brain Pathology Interactions and Applications, Working with the Amygdala Complex and the BAS and BIS circuits, Practical Applications and demonstrations in working with Brain Parts.

Segment 6 – Working with the new concept of Gunas, Guna Life Processes and Physiology, Exploring different methods for applying Gunas in sessions, Gunas and Consciousness (individual consciousness, human ignorance, higher consciousness).

Segment 7 – Learning the advanced PaRama Circulation Plug-In including exploring new types of circulation (Proton, Electron, Soliton , EMFs, Quarks, Consciousness), Exploring all types of circulation in-depth from all three levels of Guna.

Segment 8 – Working with the Quadrune Brain, including Masculine/Feminine dynamics, functions and behaviors of the Reptilian Brain, Triune Brain Pathways, Limbic Brain Energies and Connections, the Neocortex, Associations with other brain parts, and Prefrontal Cortex associations and Executive Function, Exploring Interactions with the Heart and Enteric Brains, Working with the Levels of Mind (Conscious, Subconscious, Sub-Subconscious, Sub-superconscious and Superconscious).

For all students who attend these segments on our near to their live release dates, an interactive Online Practical will take place three weeks after each release date. These free follow-up events will be an opportunity for you to practice and study the material for several weeks and then ask Dr. Veltheim all of your questions, as well as watch live demonstrations. They will be an invaluable part of your learning and studying process and will make you more prepared for the following lecture and eventually for the in-person PaRama BodyTalk Practical courses.

Note about course charts: Because this is an online course, students will receive 8x10 printable PDF files of all charts for self-printing. If student are interested in poster-sized charts, these can be purchased from the IBA store.

Certification: Students who complete all segments of the course AND complete the in-person PaRama BodyTalk Practical with an IBA Instructor will received the PaRama CBP designation.

Course Pre-requisites: In order to take PaRama BodyTalk, students must have IBA Membership and must have completed any two of the Advanced Modules (Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, or Matrix Dynamics).

Monitor Rates: Students who have already take PaRama Unit 1 will be able to sign up for the new PaRama BodyTalk course at the regular monitor rate, which is 75% off the course price.

This course counts for 64 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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