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Course Overview:
One of the big problems in all forms of healthcare, particularly energy medicine, is our reliance on our existing understandings of the body’s communication systems. We know that for the body to heal itself there must be good communication—this is the basic tenet of BodyTalk. However, we can only make use of our existing understandings of how communication within the body occurs.

Both the physical communication systems of the body (blood, lymph, nerve) and the energetic communication pathways (meridians, nadis, etc.) move too slow for many of the processes that happen within the body. However, until now, we have not had another viable alternative to make direct use of within BodyTalk, so we have had to rely on these relatively slow modes of communication.

To go deeper into communication, we need to turn to quantum theory. Science has made major breakthroughs in the field of quantum understanding. So far, the insights from these breakthroughs have been focused on things like free power and energy. Very few people have yet to venture into merging the new quantum understandings with healthcare.

That is where BodyTalk Next Generation comes in.

Scientists have discovered that the number one method of communication across all systems are torsion fields and scalar waves. When we focus on the role that torsion fields and scalar waves play in the body from a communication perspective, we can tap into a whole new level of treating and healing, including instantaneous results.

Course Summary:
In this course, we will explore some of the recent research that has been done in the areas of torsion fields and scalar waves. Some of this research comes out of Tesla’s discoveries from the early 1900s. John was able to work with two scientists who are very close to this research, so he will be presenting some of the latest science and findings in relation to torsion fields and scalar waves.

John will cover the unique differences between torsion fields and scalar waves, as well as the significance of their interaction and their role creating and upholding the entire universe.

After the science has been discussed, we will look at how the research around torsion fields relates directly to the human body. This will include giving students a completely new understanding of how the body and mind work and how all the various parts of the body communicate. We will explore both ends of the communication equation, that is, what information is being broadcast, and how information is being received.

As the body is discussed, we will also focus on the various aspects of the body that are heavily linked to torsion field and scalar wave mechanics, such as cellular DNA and methyl markers.

We will then address our cellular “discrimination” systems. These are the filters and screening mechanisms that each cell uses in order to determine whether the information it is receiving is something so take on, versus something to ignore. A healthy filter system is critically important when, for example, other cells are broadcasting “bad” information, like how to be a diseased or cancer cell.

By understanding and learning to work with torsion fields, we can influence the information cells are both broadcasting and receiving (via their filters). Additionally, in learning to work with torsion fields, we will be able to affect change within the body instantly.

In order to be able to apply torsion field understandings within BodyTalk there is a lot of material to learn, and we must also be able to visualize it. In this course, John will take students through this process step by step. John will then teach how to apply the understandings within a very specifically designed protocol that can best maximize the potential of torsion field and scalar wave technology.

Throughout the course, John will demonstrate multiple treatments, and there will also be a substantial practical component where students can start practicing applying the new protocol and understandings while John supervises.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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