Advanced MindScape: The Quantum Experience

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Angela Adkins SMI, CBI, Senior MindScape Instructor

Advanced MindScape: The Quantum Experience, is a three-day adventure bridging the gap between your structured intuitive mental framework and the practical application for daily living. As a result, students can enjoy a healthier, more harmonious relationship with life. Engage in enlightening processes that will stretch your comfort zone and shift your personal paradigm, quickly. You will leave the course with a renewed sense of intuitive ability, self-confidence, and connection with the world around you.

• Refine, expand and upgrade your MindScape foundation with a solid WorkShop review.
• Gain wisdom, insight, and understanding using a personalized questioning and reflection process.
• Learn an amazingly simple, yet profound, method to instantly access your workshop with eyes open while engaged with your environment.
• Expand your understanding of how to utilize your WorkShop tools in Healing Arts, Science, Relationships, Career, Sports, Performance, and Creative pursuits.
• Improve memorization, expand your information data bank and streamline your recall capabilities.
• Experience the synchronicity of your Archetypes on a deeper level, and learn practical ways to utilize them for life and relationship harmony.
• Practice several new ways to experience holographic scanning that will build confidence and enhance your personal mastery.
• Explore time and regression techniques.
• Uncover personal belief systems and rewire subconscious behavior patterns.
• “Lost and Found” - learn a location technique to find lost objects for yourself and others.
• Engage your personal GPS as an intuitive guide for a life path of purpose.
• Expand your connection with the natural world of trees, water, crystals, minerals, and animals.
• Enhance your personal and remote healing abilities regardless of your level of experience.
• Experience Psychometry in a fun practical way that can be used in everyday life.
You will leave this course with an understanding of how to engage and celebrate your intuition as you utilize your WorkShop in all areas of life.

Course Prerequisites: Completion of the Core MindScape Course with an IBA instructor

This course counts for 18 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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