Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness

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Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness Video

Course Title:
Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness

Course Overview:
Hundreds of years ago we believed that the world was flat. Don’t you wonder what we are believing-in today that will prove to be a fallacy in the years to come? Finding Health 2 provides a glimpse at what is now being called ‘the folly of science’; where some of the traditional classical sciences are based on nothing but beliefs systems that have been in place long enough to take on a false sense that they are facts. Once this is truly understood, there is no choice but to live life differently.

Course Description
During Finding Health 1, we introduced many fascinating subjects but were unable to take them to their final conclusions due to the fact that some of the information presented needed to be fully digested and then subsequently allow for some reprogramming of the mind to in order to prepare it for the next step in awareness.
Finding Health 2 will focus closely on the mythology and the misunderstanding of science that is now governing much of our perceptions and assumptions about life and health. Coupled with that is an investigation of quantum physics and its practical application, giving us a better understanding of why we exist, how it’s occurring, and what is the meaning of life.
Practically, this will provide the awareness to be able to live life in a different way because once you understand that life is not necessarily the way we assume it to be, it will remove boundaries that have previously limited us in our relationships, health, practices, finances, etc.

Course Outline

• Introduction
• Faulty Assumptions
• Objective versus Subjective View Points
• The Brain’s Interpretation of the World
• Observer - Observed
• The Folly of Science
• The Goldilocks Universe
• Time and Space
• The Synchronized Universe
• Consensus Realities
• Torsion Fields
• Conflict Resolution
• Intent and Focus
• Planes of Consciousness
• Strategies for Treatment
• The Science of Breathing
• Finding Health 2 Technique

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
1. Differentiate between the ‘classical sciences’ approaches to life versus the ‘Biocentrism’ approach.
2. Understand the role of the observer, observed, and observing triune and their role in life and manifestation.
3. Describe the brain’s interpretation of the world and ‘what is real’.
4. Gain awareness around the concept of ‘consensus reality’ and how it shapes the world we experience.
5. Comprehend the implications of the ‘Folly of Science’ on all aspects of life including health and wellness.
6. Recognize that, with scientific experiments, the intent of the observer changes the outcome of the results.
7. Understand that the world isn’t perfectly suited for human life by accident.
8. Gain awareness around the concepts of time and space.
9. Develop the ability to use torsion fields in healing.
10. Practice experiencing the Supramental intellect through use of the breath.

Assessment: N/A

Textbook: Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness

Additional Reading: Biocentrism by Robert Lanza

Course Name: Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness

Format: N/A

Qualification:Finding Health 1 (Available on DVD) & Fundamentals are the pre-requisites for this course.

This course counts for 21 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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