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Course Title:
Eastern Medicine – Anatomy and physiology of the energetic body.

Course Overview:
Eastern Medicine focuses on developing a holistic understanding of the functional organization, interconnections, and most importantly, the relationship between the various energy systems. This will redefine the practical approach to therapy of all energy-based healthcare systems including BodyTalk.

Course Description
The treatment and understanding of the bodymind through the energy systems has been practiced for centuries. It is currently enjoying a significant increase in popularity because of the way biophysics has redefined science in its understanding of how the body works.
There is, however, a significant weakness in this study. Once you start examining the systems you realize how fragmented the knowledge is. Each system of energy medicine is practiced as a isolated system in its own right in most cases. Sometimes it is called integrative medicine or holistic medicine. The “holistic” description is really just implying that it is different to the basic scientific medical model and is working at a higher frequency level. Many of these systems can be integrated into other systems or even into the medical model however; this does not mean they are “integrated” medicine in the classic sense of the word. A truly integrated healthcare model will incorporate all of the energy systems including the medical model.
For example, in Chinese Medicine you may learn that the term Qi refers to ‘life-force’ and then later study the Indian Systems and learn that the term Prana is referring to the same idea, or is it? And what about Kundalini, where does it fit into the mix? Similarly, you may learn about the meridians of Chinese acupuncture and then discover that Japanese acupuncture has a different viewpoint on how they operate. Or the fact that in Chinese Medicine there is a great deal of information on energy and blood (Stagnant Qi/Blood) this information can be very useful when prescribing herbs but has little application within energy medicine.

This course will also give you a:
Comparison of Traditional Medical Systems
Outlining all the important knowledge of each system (TCM to Kundalini to the Chakras) that can be effectively utilized in all Energy Based systems, and especially the BodyTalk System. This will also enhance your ability to intuitively discern treatment approaches
Comprehensive Investigation into the Kundilini Energy
Examine Kundalini awakening, symptoms, dysfunction, uses in Yoga, sources, sexuality, and how it can be properly used in the healing process, particularly for addressing the ever increasing issues involving brain function and nervous system disorders.
Comprehensive look at the 12 Main and 8 extra Ancestral Meridians
A thorough overview of the 12 basic Meridians of Chinese medicine including their function, symptoms, and consciousness. With a similar approach to the 8 extra (ancestral) meridians and their important role in genetic disease and balancing the main meridians. Plus a unique system of treatment of the ancestral meridians using the BodyTalk system will be taught for the first time.
Discussion of where energy comes from and how it enters the body
“Physiology tells us only 30% of the energy we need comes from the food we eat.“
Learn the role of the various Torus fields used to pump energy into the system from Zero Point Field. Examine the role of conflict and chemical processes used in adding to energy production. Study the various mechanisms that inhibit the accumulation of energy, cause pathological dispersion, and weakening of the systems. Plus learn strategies for repairing these blockages in flow.
Course Outline
This course will be taught with the main emphasis on the practical information that pertains to clinical BodyTalk practice. A few theoretical sections taught in the original course will not be covered. However, the information will still be in the textbook as additional reading. Hence, this course will be three days instead of four.
Energy Systems
• Kundalini System
• Electromagnetic Frequencies
• Meridian Systems

Mind & Reality
• Subtle Senses
- Supramental Intellect
- Higher Consciousness (Dark Matter)

• Consensus Reality
- General
- Family
- Religious
- Cultural

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

1. Describe key differences between all major Traditional Medical systems and how they can be applied within energy based systems of health care.
2. List and describe the 8 extra Ancestral Meridians, their role in the bodymind, and how to balance them.
3. Identify the 12 basic Meridians of Chinese Medicine including their function, symptoms, and consciousness.
4. Summarize key features of Kundalini energy including awakening, sources, dysfunction, and symptoms.
5. Describe how Kundalini can be properly used in the healing process.
6. Summarize the influence of the environment on disease.
7. List, and describe how, the various environmental systems have an influence on disease.
8. Define variations of time including vertical time and explain how it can influence the healing process.
9. Determine the various mechanisms that inhibit the accumulation of energy, cause pathological dispersion, and weakening of the systems. Plus demonstrate strategies for repairing these blockages in flow.
10. Summarize the role of the Torus fields used to pump energy into the system from Zero Point Field.
Textbook: Eastern Medicine – Anatomy and Physiology of the Energetic Body

Additional Reading:
The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine by Ted J. Kaptchuk ISBN-10: 0809228408

Course Name: Eastern Medicine

Format: Livestream

This course counts for 24 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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