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We are offering John's post-conference course via LiveStream. This allows you to participate in the course from the comfort of your own home.

Note: this course is broadcast live from Malta (09:00 - 17:00) so please be aware of what time that will be locally for you.

The recording will be available for unlimited viewing for 90 days for all students registered.

Course Title:
The Biophysical Mind

Course Overview:
This course presents James Oschman PhD and Dr John Veltheim together, exploring the nature, biology, and universal consciousness connections of the unconscious mind. The concepts presented here will help you understand how focus and attention can influence virtually any part or process taking place in the human body; a phenomenon that is increasingly popular yet somewhat elusive.

Course Description
Most people view the world from the perspective of classical Newtonian physics however this course will discuss how modern quantum physics and cosmology are painting an entirely different picture compared to Newtonian physics. Emerging science brings consciousness front-and-center into our physical picture of the universe; it also brings the universe front-and-center into the study of consciousness.

This expanded view of consciousness and the unconscious explains how virtually all processes taking place in the body are involved. This means that all parts and all processes can be reached by a consciousness-based therapy, like The BodyTalk System. This course discusses information that has led to new ideas about what the unconscious mind really is. The unconscious arises from a vast array of processes that are taking place in the body that we are not aware of, but that have significant effects on what we do. While the nervous system is part of this, other systems are involved. We will explain how you are able to connect with any particular process taking place within your client.

Course Outline
Prelude I: The Omni-centric Mind

Prelude II: Classical Newtonian Physics

PART I: Summary of Quantum Physics

PART II: The Details

PART IIa: The Blueprint and the Morphic Field
The blueprint of life
Morphogenetic fields

PART IIb: Origins of Quantum Qhysics
A paradox
A brief history of the atom
The structure of the atom

PART IIc: The Origins of Entanglement
What, then, is an atom?
What does all of this have to do with BodyTalk?

PART IId: Quantum Physics and Consciousness
Key evidence for a conscious universe
The significance of quantum physics for BodyTalk

PART IIe: The Fabrics of Space and the Fabrics of Life
Models for the fabric of space
The geometry of space
The fabric of life

Part IIf: The Vital Exchanges between the Body and the Morphic Field

PART IIg: Water is the Key

Part IIh: Liquid Crystals

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
1. Understand that information is generated by and absorbed by every part of the body and also by every object in the universe, near and far.
2. Differentiate between classical Newtonian physics and modern quantum physics.
3. Gain insight into the scientific mechanism of universal consciousness.
4. Identify key elements of the entanglement process and how it applies to healthcare.
5. Understand the location of conscious processes and unconscious processes.
6. Understand the importance of geometrical forms and how they relate to the quantum vacuum.
7. Recognize that the both human body and the environment have holographic elements.
8. Understand how information is generated by and absorbed by every part of the body and also by every object in the universe, near and far.
9. Gain insight into the spin of interfacial water molecules, which coat all surfaces in the body.

Assessment: N/A

Textbook: The Biophysical Mind Textbook

Additional Reading: N/A

Course Name: The Biophysical Mind

Format: LiveCourse and LiveStream


This course counts for 24 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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