Group BT Session 3 - Practical Stress Management

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In this group session, John will analyze and address the different types of stress and how they affect the bodymind. Functional strategies will be provided to address these issues within self and clients.

Are group sessions effective?
Yes. Group sessions are great opportunity for healing. The presence of the group will increase the number of observers and, therefore, increase the impact of the session. Also, the increased understanding of the group amplifies the possibility for a shift in consciousness or perception for everyone.

Distance Sessions
For some people, the concept of doing consciousness balancing at a distance is relatively palatable; however, for others, it is not well understood or accepted. Because BodyTalk is working at the level of consciousness (where it can then influence the mind, energy systems, and physical body), it is possible to do from afar and still be effective.

Session Recordings
Will I benefit from the sessions if I cannot make them live and have to just listen to the recordings?
If you sign up and your name is on the list of the people for the session, you will receive the benefits from the session regardless of if you are on LiveStream at the time or not.

You will have access to the recordings for 90 days to play back so you can hear what happened during the session.

Course Outline
Here is the focus for the 3 part series on Weight and Self Image:
Session 1 - Emotional/Psychological Factors
Session 2 - Genetic, Cultural and Environmental Factors
Session 3 - Practical Stress Management

Assessment: N/A

Textbook: N/A

Additional Reading: N/A

Course Name:Group BodyTalk Sessions with the Founder

Format: N/A

Qualification: N/A

This course counts for 1 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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