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After a seventeen year hiatus from full time practice there are several reasons John is keen to resume offering one-to-one sessions, beyond his Treatment Intensives. His primary reason is to give as many IBA Members as possible an experiential of his new Soul and 3 Brains Treatment protocol.

Even in terms of the BodyTalk System, the most recent addition to John’s already vast and complex body of work — BodyTalk: the Soul’s Journey, exploring the Mind and 3 Brains — is proving to be groundbreaking. The client feedback we are receiving, from practitioners using the new protocol and from students John has treated, is nothing short of extraordinary.

You would be correct in thinking that remarkable testimonials are not at all uncommon within the BodyTalk community. What sets these recent testimonials apart is the clear indication that Soul and 3 Brains Treatments have an unprecedented impact on the psychophysical system. This is the second reason John is keen to resume one-to-one, distant sessions. By joining the growing number of practitioners actively using the Soul and 3 Brains techniques, John wishes to accelerate the ripple effect of these new treatments. He envisions the effects of the new protocols touching our global IBA communities profoundly and, in this way, bringing about transmutation of the whole IBA Matrix.

If you are interested in booking a Soul and 3 Brains treatment with John and have not yet read his two introductory Newsletter articles, please read them here: Part 1, Part 2. This will give you a good understanding of the orientation and potential of the new treatment protocol. Please note that these sessions will be agenda-specific to balancing and activating the 3 Brain complex and its relationship to the soul. Any follow up will need to be done with regular BodyTalk sessions with other practitioners. Initially, John’s distant sessions will be available exclusively to IBA Members.

Key benefits of Soul and 3 Brains Treatment:

Catalyzes healthy functioning and communication between the 3 Brains (head, heart and enteric brain).

Synchronizes and attunes 3 Brains to each other, establishing cohesive 3 Brain Complex.

Balances and attunes 3 Brain Complex to Soul Complex:

  • Body is able to express its agenda to 3 Brain and Soul Complex and vice versa, promoting deepening concordance throughout the psychophysical system.

  • The soul’s worldly and spiritual imperatives are supported.

  • Intuitive, ‘gut’ processes modify left brain dominance, increasing mental flexibility, insight and psyche’s ability to better process past conscious and unconscious traumas.

  • Enhances your ability to establish healthy priorities for yourself and make confident life decisions and/or changes. Deepens capacity for constructive introspection and practical action.
    Healthy Soul and 3 Brain Complex aligns with innate wisdom:

  • Supports and enhances all psychophysical processes; immune response; resonance with environment; body’s ability to process and digest life; improved digestive and bowel health; increased vitality; deeper addressing of chronic symptoms.
    Exponential Healing:

  • Post-treatment innate takes over and continues the work set in motion by the treatment

How to book a session with John:

  • Purchase the Private, Distance session with John. (You must be logged in to your IBA Member's account to purchase because this is only available to Members).

  • Once the session is purchased, on the final step — Order Confirmation — you will be prompted to provide John with some Notes to be used by John during your session (don't worry, if you forget this step you can go back and access this from your order history page in your Members account). You will also be asked to upload a recent photograph.

  • The Private, Distance sessions will be performed in the order in which they are received by John. Please allow John time to complete your session, as he will be traveling intermittently through the end of 2016 and we anticipate a high volume of requests.

  • You will receive an email from John once your session is completed and you will then be able to access the audio recording from John in your IBA account. Don't worry - full details will be provided in the email.

  • Thirty (30) days after you receive your session, you will receive a final email asking you to provide John with feedback and updates on the session. Again, this email will provide you with all the instructions.

This course counts for 0 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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