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SESSION 1 - Post-Operative Rehabilitation
Post-operative rehabilitation is a very important subject because of the fact that so many people undergo significant surgery at some point in their life. This course will help to address everything from hip replacements, knee replacements, and shoulder injuries to surgeries on some of the major organs, or surgeries from accidents. For most people, the rehabilitation process takes a fairly long time. It can be incredibly distressing and painful, as well as very psychologically defeating.

Unfortunately, in traditional medicine today, post-operative rehabilitation is usually limited to physical therapy to try and reeducate and rehabilitate the body back to its normal functioning. In certain cases, the amount of therapy is even limited by what insurance companies are willing to cover.

The fact is that BodyTalk offers a tremendous number of concepts and techniques that can be utilized to speed up healing dramatically. Post-operative rehabilitation is an area where BodyTalk truly excels; John has seen this in his own work and in the work of many other BodyTalkers. In this course, John will lay down the major tools you can use that will greatly accelerate the rehabilitation process.

The discussion will end with a BodyTalk session for the group that will target enhancing the healing process from minor or major surgeries that students may have undergone or have yet to undergo.

SESSION 2 - BodyTalk Approaches to Unhealthy Family Dynamics
There are a wide variety of problems that we encounter in family dynamics. In this group session course, John will look at some of the common types of issues that plague a healthy and balanced family dynamic. The parent-child unit will be explored, including things like alcohol or substance abuse, and sickness in a child which heavily impacts the parents and other family members. Behavior problems in children will also be explored, not just in their early years, but also around the time of puberty. The environment has a big impact on the family, so this avenue will be explored as well. A fascinating part of this course will look at how certain character traits in one person can negatively trigger fellow family members, often as a result of mirroring.

SESSION 3 - BodyTalk Approaches to Puberty Issues – Physical and Emotional
Puberty for both boys and girls is a profoundly significant time. The hormonal changes occurring in the body can quite naturally lead to a variety of both physical and emotional stresses. This time of immense inner change and turmoil can be greatly exacerbated through the parent-child relationship if the parents attempt to resist their child moving into adulthood. This can succeed in making an already stressed child quite miserable, creating unhealthy dynamics that often set the stage for illness later in life.

A portion of this short group session course will involve learning how to address the pubescent child to balance the physical and emotional changes they are undergoing with BodyTalk. The delicate balance that is puberty can be upset quite easily through stress. Some of the physical issues that can occur involve not enough or too many hormones flowing through the system, as well as inadequate synthesis of hormones and energies within the body. You will also learn how to address clashes with parents, other family members and peers that can upset this important rite of passage.

The course will end with a group session on puberty dynamics for people listening. This can help to retroactively address puberty issues from your own youth, or you can also purchase the course for the benefit of your own teenage children.

This course counts for 3 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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