Circadian Rhythms w/ Tim Hall and John Veltheim

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This course presents the material in a field of scientific study that has exploded in the last few years, the Human Circadian System. Disturbances in this critical system have been linked to nearly every major disease. The material in this course is only for students who have attended the BodyTalk Direct course because the information integrates extremely well with the Direct material. A portion of the BodyTalk Direct material will be reviewed from new perspectives, but the main focus will be on the Circadian System with some exploration into how the BodyTalk Direct work gives us useful ways to access and work with this life-supporting system. Please note that this is a one-time exclusive Livestream event being co-taught by John Veltheim and new Instructor Tim Hall only for BodyTalk Direct students.

Research shows that the DNA pulsation that was discussed in BodyTalk Direct is heavily connected to the rhythmical nature of the body’s Circadian System. This means that circadian rhythms integrate extremely well with the concept of torsion field and scalar wave communication as taught in the Direct course. Circadian system research also shows important implications for BodyTalk Body Chemistry, Active Memory, and other techniques within the standard protocol. The pharmaceutical industry is working diligently on drugs that reset the Circadian System. By integrating innovative Circadian System research with BodyTalk Direct, a new and powerful method for addressing health is available within the BodyTalk System.

Course topics will include the neurological anatomy and cellular physiology associated with the Human Circadian System. We will also explore the system’s molecular motor and DNA implications. Evidence-based lifestyle interventions will be presented that cover critical areas of personal health and wellness by addressing the primary risk factors associated with the deadly and debilitating diseases of modern society. These interventions can be implemented immediately into your own life and taught to clients to aid their health in a way that supports their BodyTalk sessions.

The BodyTalk applications combined with the lifestyle interventions will empower practitioners with the knowledge necessary to educate their clients about simple yet effective ways of living in harmony and rhythm with the cycles of Innate Intelligence.

The future direction of this material is intended to be a consolidated course called BodyTalk Direct: Circadian Rhythms that will be offered as an in-person only course. The consolidated nature of this course will mean that the circadian information will not be able to go as deep or thorough as in this exclusive course. In the future, members who have attended BodyTalk Direct and this Livestream event may optionally attend the new consolidated course at the monitor rate.

Four weeks after this course, on August 15, John and Tim will be offering a free Q&A follow-up. Since many students are not able to attend the full course live and others like to view the course several times before forming their questions, we will be hosting this special event to make sure all students come away from the course confident in their application of the new material. All students registered for Circadian Rhythms, July 18-19, will automatically be registered for the Q&A on August 15.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction

  • Diseases associated with circadian disruption

  • Disrupting factors to the Circadian System

  • Gross anatomy and physiology of the Circadian System

  • Cellular anatomy and physiology of the Circadian System

  • BodyTalk Direct and other BodyTalk protocol applications for the Circadian System

  • Associations between circadian rhythms and torsion fields of DNA

  • Mechanics of the molecular clock and DNA

  • Light – artificial, natural and vitamin-D

  • Time-restricted eating – diet and nutrition

  • Exercise as a circadian signal

  • The Stress System interaction

  • BodyTalk Active Memory, PTSD, and a circadian timestamp

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism)

NOTE: As this course is still not finalized, the exact course content is subject to change.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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