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One of the big problems in all forms of healthcare, particularly energy medicine, is our reliance on our existing understandings of the body’s communication systems. We know that for the body to heal itself there must be good communication—this is the basic tenet of BodyTalk. Here, we delve into existing and emerging understandings of how communication occurs within the body and with powerful environmental factors and behaviors that affect health.

This course presents the material in a field of scientific study that has exploded in the last few years, the Human Circadian System and DNA communication processes. Disturbances in the Human Circadian System have been linked to nearly every major chronic disease and mental disorder. Research shows that our DNA is heavily connected to the rhythmical nature of the body’s Circadian System, as well as having important implications for Body Chemistry, Active Memory, and other techniques within the standard BodyTalk protocol. The pharmaceutical industry is working diligently on drugs that work at the genetic level to reset the Circadian System. By integrating innovative Circadian System research with BodyTalk, a new and powerful method for addressing health is available to us.

The central course topics will be 1) The neurological anatomy and cellular physiology associated with the Human Circadian System, and 2) Torsion fields and scalar waves pertaining to DNA communication. We will also explore the cellular molecular motor and new possible applications for working with DNA.

Evidence-based lifestyle interventions will be presented that cover critical areas of personal health and wellness by addressing the primary risk factors associated with the deadly and debilitating diseases of modern society. These interventions can be implemented immediately into your own life and taught to clients to aid their health in a way that supports their BodyTalk sessions.

The BodyTalk applications combined with the lifestyle interventions will empower practitioners with the knowledge necessary to educate their clients about simple yet effective ways of living in harmony and rhythm with the cycles of Innate Intelligence.

This course will explore some of the recent research that has been done in the areas of torsion fields and scalar waves. Some of this research comes out of Tesla’s discoveries from the early 1900s. BodyTalk Founder, John Veltheim worked with two scientists who are very close to this research, so we have some of the latest science and findings in relation to torsion fields and scalar waves.The course will cover the unique differences between torsion fields and scalar waves, as well as the significance of their interaction and their role in creating and upholding the entire universe.

After the science has been discussed, we will look at how the research around torsion fields relates directly to the human body. This will include giving students a completely new understanding of how the body and mind work and how all the various parts of the body communicate. We will explore both ends of the communication equation, that is, what information is being broadcast, and how information is being received.

There will be dedicated practical time each day to work with these concepts so that students graduate with a strong sense of how BodyTalk interacts with the principles of innate communication. The PaRama course is a highly recommended, though not required, prerequisite for this course primarily because of the Advanced PaRama Procedures that can be very effectively applied to the Human Circadian System and DNA. That said, there will still be ample information and takeaways from the course that can also be immediately useful to more beginner students who meet the minimum prerequisite requirements.

This course counts for 18 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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