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We live in a high tech world with incredible electromagnetic diagnostic tools. Imagine using this EMF technology, harnessed in a glass vial, and combining it with the balancing capabilities of the BodyTalk System. This course condenses complex material—biophysics at its core— into insightful information from a BodyTalk perspective. The student will leave this course informed, inspired, with educational material and advice to pass on to their clients in return. This course will increase your confidence level and the number of clients in your practice.

This course will give you answers on how energy and substances "out there" convert into physiology "in there". "Tapping in" and "tapping out" will be demonstrated through the use of visual aids and many practicals. New expansion upon categories in BodyChemistry includes medication, hormones, neurotransmitters, vaccinations, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower, color, fragrance, sound, etc. Students will learn how to ask very specific questions within these categories. This course also features the fourteen meridians from a unique three-dimensional viewpoint, explaining the function and consciousness of the meridians in great detail. Using glass vials containing specific frequencies, one can take Body Chemistry beyond the application of saliva. Students will learn to understand frequencies like those used in the glass vials as another major facet of this course.

Some of us in the BodyTalk community might not be aware of this, especially the lay persons among us: It is very unique to BodyTalk and thanks to this course, Body Chem Specifics, that you are recognized as a health care practitioner. Usually, one has to be a licensed Health Care Provider to be able to train with, purchase, let alone use, the testing vials.

In three days, a more specific approach is taken to the aspects covered in the Module 1 BodyChemistry. We will take this section further by exploring the foundational substances of life, including Protein, Sugar, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, Fats, and Trace Minerals. With BodyTalk, the body can be taught to resonate with these substances to assimilate the necessary vital nutrients from even trace amounts in certain foods. BodyChemistry restructures the body at the cellular level.

What is occurring when a substance becomes a priority?

  • Is the body not absorbing the substance?
  • Could the body be misinterpreting it?
  • Maybe the body is rejecting it?
  • Is it possible that the body is overreacting to a substance?
  • Perhaps the substance is simply not being recognized?

The course manual includes color illustrations and diagrams and follows along with the visuals of a PowerPoint Presentation. This 258 page workbook will immediately become a valuable resource handbook in your BodyTalk practice.

Each category in BodyChemistry Specifics will give link scenarios applicable to all advanced modules including PaRama. This course is a must—a prerequisite to understanding PaRama and the essence of Bodytalk.

Special Notes Since this is the very last time Marita is teaching the BodyChemistry Specifics course, an exception has been made for the pre-requisite. The student will have to be fluent in the Advanced Procedure in order to be able to follow the material covered in class. There will be no teaching of the Advanced Protocol. You can purchase the Advanced Procedures DVD Course with Manual from the IBA website.

This course counts for 24 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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