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This group session addresses our relationship to our environment as a constant source of stimulus that often provokes feelings of fear. One of BodyTalk’s very powerful techniques that students learn in the BodyTalk Fundamentals course is the General Environment technique. This technique recognizes that absolutely anything in our outer or inner environment can be a source of distress for the body-mind. The group session will focus on those environmental triggers that are common causes for fear and anxiety. Such stimuli include the negativity-oriented news media, hearsay, gossip, unclear or contradictory information, our own family matrixes, strong belief matrixes of the collective consciousness, as well as our own belief systems. These things can affect us very powerfully when our body-mind is susceptible to them. Such susceptibility is usually at the level of one of the three brains—the head brain, heart brain or gut brain—and the fear it engenders often targets one or more of our bodily systems directly, creating pathologies or illness over the long-term. This group session will help to diminish strong responses to fearful environmental stimuli and reduce their impact on our greater health and wellbeing.

This is an opportunity for anyone to partake in a group BodyTalk session with the Founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim. These sessions will be done at a distance through online broadcast. The recording will be available if you cannot attend the live airing. Viewing recordings is just as effective as receiving sessions in person in real time. Whether listening live or at a later date, remote group sessions will increase your understanding of important BodyTalk concepts that you can bring into your sessions with clients, as well as providing an opportunity for shifts in your own health, consciousness and perception.

This course counts for 1 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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