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Course Title:
Structural Integration Concepts for Body Talk

Course Overview:
Structural Integration Concepts explores the fascial body on an anatomical and structural level. The fascia is the main avenue by which the body communicates, protects, moves and expresses itself. Learning the most comprehensive myofascial release techniques with advanced structural and fascial philosophy allows the practitioner to release chronic pain and disease patterns as well as restoring function and posture.

When these long held structural and stored belief patterns are resolved, your clients will feel the shifts on a more physical level , which helps them consciously understand the physical manifestation of their pathology.

Addressing all levels of the body mind in this way allows the client to fully shift into a healthy state of being. In this dynamic state of health clients are not only pain free but fully expressed in a balanced, integrated and grounded way.

Course Description
Every cell in our body is completely enveloped in fascia. Over time, this connective tissue can become restricted from trauma, emotional issues and disease. Once it is restricted the body can no longer function optimally on the levels of consciousness, physiology and emotion expression. It then begins to compensate resulting in less efficient systems for survival, protection and movement. The body will tend to function on reactive levels that lead to loss of energy and adaptability.

In this course you will learn postural and functional analysis and explore compensations in emotional posture and physical movement patterns. This gives you much greater insight into your client’s wellness and helps you to see the hidden culprits of pain and disease.

Through awareness projection exercises you will learn how to see new priorities that have never been addressed in the Body Talk system before.

As you learn how the energetic body morphs into the physical body, you can truly be present and know exactly on which level to be treating in order to get truly deep and lasting results. Clients feel the shifts in their physical body and can relate to the changes on all levels.

You will learn the most comprehensive and cutting edge myofascial release techniques with ease, even if you have never had massage or hands on training before. Once this is accomplished you will learn new Body Talk formulas that release the fascia energetically so that you can easily do fascial and structural work from a distance.
Every link that we do in a Body Talk session is healing or improving a relationship in the body mind complex. In this class we will more deeply explore the relationships amongst body parts, belief systems, physiology and more. Understanding these relational dynamics is key to having a powerful session with clients. Once these links are reestablished, you will learn how to “integrate” your formulas in order to help the session “lock in” the shift. This is very important for stubborn pathologies that seem to keep resurfacing.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Structural Integration Theory
• Tensegrity concepts
• Fascia, Its properties and anatomy
• Structural and Emotional Postural Analysis
• Awareness Projection Training
• The Role of the Senses in Body Awareness and Healing
• Myofascial Release Techniques
• Functional Movement Stretching Techniques
• Understanding the Manifestation of Consciousness into Posture and Expression
• Qi Gong breathing for energy blockages
• Fascial Untangling
• Body Talk formulas for Releasing Fascia and Integrating Shifts
• Advanced Active Memory Phrases and Techniques
• Heart Centering and Grounding Techniques

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course participants will:
1. Understand Structural Integration Theory and application.
2. Understand fascial anatomy and function.
3. Demonstrate the skills necessary to do postural evaluation from a structural, emotional and compensatory perspective.
4. Demonstrate basic and advanced myofascial release techniques for all levels and areas of the fascial system on other students
5. Experience having fascial release techniques performed on themselves.
6. Understand the planes of motion and how to release them to ensure optimal pelvic movement.
7. Understand the relationships involving the structures of the body and how to release emotional and physical restriction patterns.
8. Experience awareness projection and how to use it to deepen the revealing of Body Talk formulas and for self healing.
9. Understand formulas that release fascial restrictions energetically, and during distance work.
10. Understand the concepts of integrating shifts into the body mind to ensure more successful and longer lasting sessions.

Course Requirements: N/A Only available to IBA members who have taken. BodyTalk Modules 1 and 2

Assessment: N/A

Textbook: N/A

Additional Reading: N/A

Course Name: Structural Integration Concepts for Body Talk

Format: N/A

This course counts for 32 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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